10 Questions to Ask When Writing Hypnotic Posts (Blog Marketing Tip #17)

Hypnotic Blogging

As much as I would like to say that I have invented the concept of 'Hypnotic Writing,' I'm afraid i cannot claim so. In fact, Mr. Fire (also known as Joe Vitale) would know more about this great secret than anyone I'm sure.

1. What's in it for your readers?

2. What is the best and most accurate post title that conveys what's in it for your readers?

3. How can I keep this post short, simple and to the point while getting my message across?

4. How can i maintain or keep a visual attractiveness?

5. What's the best outline to construct a great post?

6. How can I get my readers to do what I'm asking?

7. What needs to be edited in order to make this post a sure shot?

8. Who can i get to honestly read this post and give constructive criticism?

9. What should i include in my P.S.?

10. How can i make this post better?

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