1st Annual Weekend Free Giveaways

Let's begin this post with a very unique contest that hit the blogosphere September 19th...


The Beef Jerky Blogs Comfort Contest, where 2 lucky winners will receive one of two Poofbags Fuf Chair Items: A Medium Fuf Chair (3.5ft.) and a Large Foof Chair Cube (See the banner above)

* The Comfort Contest will end November 30, 2007 and the winners will be selected December 1, 2007


Sitefever's 1TB Giveaway

1TBI must say this contest is really cool indeed. I can't imagine having 1TB (1,024 GB) at my disposal, but I know what i'll do  with it if i was to win.

My wife just gave birth to our first child, a baby boy, and I want to keep all of the pictures and movies of our son growing up on a hard drive that can support the weight of the files. My current external hard drive is struggling to keep up and on it's way to full capacity. So if i was win the Sitefever 1TB giveaway I would put it to immediate use by uploading all of our pictures and movies, including the movies that we have yet to upload on the drive.


One Man's Blog New Member of the Month Contest

Sony DCR-SR60Have you ever wanted to own a Sony DCR-SR60? Well now is your chance and thanks to John over at One Man's Blog you can be the proud owner of a lightly used Sony DCR-SR60 (see image). There are a few great things about this camera as if you didn't already know... well let me fill you in on what excites me most about the DCR-SR60, it records straight to the hard drive, no tapes, no CDs, no bull or worrying about conversions. Plug it in and view or plug it in and upload, it's just that simple.


5 Minutes for Mom WD Passport Giveaway

wd-passportSo 5 minutes for Mom along with Western Digital are giving away to 3 lucky winners 1 250GB Western Digital Passport Portable Hard Drive in their new colors to each winner along with a nice carrying case.

How nice is this? I think you should visit the site to see what's it's all about. There is so much that i can do with this passport like back up all of my design and business files or dump my nano and make this portable hard drive my so-called iPod by saving all of my music files on it... oh the possibilities...


Daily Waste iPod Giveaway 

Funny Videos, definitely a great waste of daily time but funny news is your thing instead then you have to check out DailyWaste.com and their ipod/ iphone giveaway this is great. Grand prize winner will receive an Apple iPhone, second place will receive an iPod Touch and taking up the rear as third place will receive an iPod nano.

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  1. shawna 29 September 2007 at 12:08 pm Permalink

    Thanks for these links!

  2. Joliveira 29 September 2007 at 2:37 pm Permalink

    Good luck for the contests 🙂

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