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20 April 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Spring/ Summer is in the Air…

Ok this is the time when everyone hits the gym in order to work all that winter love off… Well, I’ll tell you what, i went to Florida and you better believe it… I’m heading back to the south. There is just something that i love about the south maybe this time I’ll make it […]

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14 April 2007 ~ 0 Comments SOLD!

Microsoft Russia recently purchased the domain at an undisclosed price, but experts say it could have amounted to a million dollars. Microsoft confirmed the acquisition so if you visit now its homepage sports the ubiquitous Microsoft icons with Windows Live in the spotlight.Microsoft intends to boost its share in Russia and acquiring the […]

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14 April 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Are you a successful Moneymaker?

Everyone of course considers themselves a successful moneymaker regardless of background. So why not check to see if you share a quality with other successful moneymakers… Can’t hurt… 1. Realist… Realistic… 2. Person of Action 3. Turn your Passion in to $$$ 4. Emotionless… Control your emotions 5. CONFIDENCE Very simple list a great deal […]

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