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30 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

The WordPress Headache

So… for some odd reason i got the bright idea to upgrade a blog of mine only to have the fate of correcting and fixing code and compatibility issues for the last three days. Needless to say i’m pretty pissed about the problem and i guess there are others out there as well feeling the […]

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29 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Happy Memorial Day to the Entrepreneur!

Are You A Healthy Entrepreneur? For many entrepreneurs, it’s easy to ignore the warning signs that you’re unhealthy–much less take notice if your business isn’t well. When you’re so busy that you can’t remember the last time you read a book, sat down for a meal or spent a night watching useless TV, then your […]

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24 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments


So for the moment i’m stuck and a bit confused as where to take this site. I must say i have been neglecting this blog for some time ever since my wedding and managing a few other things and online ventures it’s been pretty crazy. The beef jerky idea is still in the works but […]

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17 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Everything Must Go!!!

So lately i’ve been ghost… well let me catch you up with what’s going on in my life… I’m a very private person so excuse me for leaving some things out… Well, i got married and of course with marriage comes consolidation, and you guessed it… My stuff is just about on it’s way out. […]

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