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24 November 2010 ~ 9 Comments

101 Creative Ways To Tell A Telemarketer No

1. Just Say No. 2. Tell them you’re not interested. 3. Just say Goodbye. 4. Tell them to go away. 5. Speak a language different from the telemarketer 6. Don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number. 7. Tell them to stop calling this number. 8. Answer and then hangup 9. Ask them […]

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20 November 2010 ~ 5 Comments

22 Reasons Why Blockbuster Will Never Outlast Netflix

22. Because the corporate movie rental giant that shut down small mom and pop movie stores became cocky and sloppy 21. Blockbuster online is not as user friendly as Netflix 20. Netflix is the Godfather of online rentals and makes offers customers can’t refuse 19. 10 out of 20 movies from Blockbuster online were scratched […]

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15 November 2010 ~ 1 Comment

5 Customer Keeping Ways to Adopt

Actively institute multiple-platform client-feedback opportunities via a combination of phone outreach, targeted direct mail and social networking/viral venues, including a company blog, company e-newsletter and e-mail, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. If you are conducting a multi-question survey, try to include a meaningful offer, prize or gift in consideration of the client’s time. Respond sincerely and […]

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10 November 2010 ~ 2 Comments

10 Reasons Why Sharebuilder is NOT it

10. Their support response has improved but again I am rendered helpless when seeking information and solid explanations as to why something has happened that I did not authorize. 09. Oh, did i mention that a transaction made without my final authorization cost me a good bit of change. The First Incident: I set out […]

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07 November 2010 ~ 2 Comments

8 SEO Plugins for Better Traffic (Blog Marketing Tip #3)

This is part of the ’23 Blog Marketing Online and Offline Tips’ series. Search engine optimization is very important to any site and with all of the plugins available to you there is no reason why anyone should left in the dark. Optimizing your blog site for traffic is essential to your success as a […]

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