23 Blog Marketing Tips (Recap)

In case you've missed it, I thought i'd recap the week that kicked off the "23 Blog Marketing Tips Series" and the inspiration.

The Articles

Tip #1 - Become A Testimonial Giant
Tip #2 - Bumper Sticker Magic
Tip #3 - 8 SEO Plugins for Better Traffic

The Inspiration

10 Offline Ways to Promote your Blog Site

Problogger kicked off his 31 days to building a better blog series... are we copying Problogger?

No, but instead we found motivation within his series and figured we would try something new and innovative. So far the response has been great but we seem to get a few people that enjoy reading the articles and tips but seem a bit skeptical about a few.

We look at this way, it will work as long as you work as it and have faith in your efforts. Think of these blog tips as an introduction to thinking outside the box (there we go again). We expect you to take these tips and make them your own, hell better yet, report back to us your successes and the changes that you made that worked for you and we'll include it in our series.


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