3 Amazing Compact LED Camping Tent Lights

LED Camping Tent Lights

Camping is still in season, and finding quality essential camping tools can be quite a challenge. However, one essential tool that I would like to focus on, and possibly one of my favorite tools while camping… Especially when camping with a family, is my growing collection of LED camping tent lights. So on a smaller scale, identifying the “Best Compact LED Camping Tent Light” is a lot easier when you are in the know and have an idea of what is best to suit your camping needs.

Identifying the best tent light for your needs
Whether camping in a large 6+ family tent or smaller 2-person tent lighting is essential to creating a quality camping experience. It is without a doubt that and from personal experience, sitting by the fire is my all-time favorite type of lighting, however, there have been times when the light from the fire or flashlight was just not enough. In terms of making the best choice, I personally prefer compact lighting in comparison to traditional LED torch lanterns, but don’t get me wrong, I camp with both lanterns and compact tent lights.

The torch lanterns I traditionally use for lighting the area around my campsite, while the compact lighting comes equipped with LED lighting modes that are perfect for inside the tent, especially when camping with young children and pets.

So first, you should identify how the tent light will be used,

Considerations for your camping tent light:

Environment – Where are you camping? Will you be in the wilderness, your backyard, or on a campsite? Will a power source be available?
Sizing and Placement – Is this light powerful enough for your needs? Where will this light be paced in your tent? Propped up or hanging?
Power Supply – Will this light needs batteries or another energy source? Will this light be used a regular basis, only at night, or will it just be used as a nightlight?
Brightness – Will this light serve as a reading light? Will it be used to brighten the tent? A nightlight perhaps?
Tent Light Modes – Do you need a light with high brightness? Do you need a light with low brightness? What type of lighting do you need colored or soft? Would you like an SOS mode in case of emergencies?

Answering these questions will make your decision a lot easier, and possibly help you with preparing for your family or personal camping trip.

Traditional Compact LED Camping Tent Lights

Typically use AAA batteries.
Are typically smaller in size compared to torch lanterns.
Typically hang or clip to the internal tent frame.
Quality lights typically offer multiple modes of lighting.
Should typically be used for brief periods of time.

Outdoor Hanging LED Tent Light

The Outdoor Hanging Compact LED Tent Light is probably my ultimate favorite and #1 tent light choice for camping. I see this light as a multi-purpose outdoor tool, primarily because I have used this light while hunting, camping, nighttime fishing, and even while working in my garage. This light comes with three (3) light settings (High, Low, and SOS) and I have even used this light as a night light.

This compact camping tent light has ranked as top-pick because this is truly a multi-purpose light that can serve many functions, it includes a nightlight setting and SOS mode which has come in handy for me on a few occasions.

LED Camping Tent Light - ShopDealAnchor.com    LED Camping Tent Light Bulb - Green


Flexible Power runs on 3 AAA batteries
Adjustable bright (3) white LEDs, (2) LED night light setting or Flashing SOS
Can be applied directly to the tent internal frame, a tree, rope, or wall
Camping tent light is Waterproof
Glow in the dark switch makes it easy to locate at night

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S1200 LED Solar Outdoor Compact Tent Light

The S1200 130LM Solar LED Outdoor Tent light is my number 2 (#2) tent light pick. I actually really enjoy this light for the simple fact that I have used this light in quite a few environments and it has consistently performed better than expected. However, I have found this light to be ideal when camping with family or by myself, it has even come in handy during power outages. I really like the solar powered concept, and energy efficiency of this tent light. There is no doubt that this light can also serve many purposes, outdoors and indoors.

Tip: If backpacking, remember to charge the solar panel by hanging it on your backpack.

A Big Heads-up! This light only has one mode of soft-light and does not have battery backup. Needless to say if you are camping in the woods overpowered by shade, without the sun, then you are out of luck. This is where you LED torch flashlight will come in handy.

S-1200 Solar Compact LED Camping Tent LightS-1200 Solar LED Outdoor Camping Tent Light


Offers one light mode: natural light
Comes complete with connector chord, solar panel, and tent light.
Designed to easily hang or hook on tents, a tree, backpack, or automobile.
130LM of light output
Run time of 5000 hours
Does not require batteries

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SuperBright LED Compact Magnetic Tent Light

Finally our third pick is probably one of my favorite lights to utilize while working in the garage, but has come in handy during outdoor activities is the SuperBright LED Magnetic Tent Light. The bright orange color makes it easy to find, especially when placed in a camping bag or tool box, and the 180° rotating bracket and the 90° rotating head turns this tent light into a forward-projecting light, a quick flashlight solution when one is not handy.

The SuperBright tent light is a good compact light for medium to large-size tents as the LED as this tent light is known to provide ‘Floodlight quality,’ which can be a bit much depending on the use. However, this light has been known to work best as a compact lantern, for everyday carry, night fishing, trekking though caves (which is a blast), and mountaineering. It can even work as a personal lantern light in a large or cabin-like setting.

SuperBright Compact Camping Tent LED Light


Requires four (4) AAA batteries (not included)
Two light sources: COB and LED
Strong Magnetic clam that allows you to attach this light to virtually any magnetic surface (sideways, upside down, right-side up… you get the picture)
Designed with a strong hook to allow you to hang this light virtually in any terrain
Compact, space-saving lantern quality lighting.

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