3 Entreprenuerial Things I Learned From 300


If you have yet to see 300 the movie then you are seriously missing out. Forget all of the reviews and teasers, just see the movie for yourself and i promise you, you will not be upset. The movie delivers as expected and then some. If you were lucky enough to view the movie in IMAX then i'm just plain jealous of you. How was the experience?

300, a movie based on the Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans including King Leonidas enter the battlefield against the Persian Army and King Xerxes.


Try attacking the idea of being an entrepreneur as a battle against great odds. The 3 things i learned from 300 the movie.

1. Always Have A Plan of Attack

Not everyone has to be a Spartan in order to fight like one. One thing about the 300 Spartans that went to battle against the Persian Army is that there was always a plan of attack in place up to the last minute. Entrepreneurs are faced with extreme odds(family, work, financing, ect.) when jump starting a new business venture. A plan of attack can be anything ranging from a business plan, marketing plan, or any other plan that serves as a guideline to get your venture started in the right direction.

2. Always Do Business With Those You trust

Trust is a big thing when doing business. There needs to be a level of trust between all parties involved regardless of what your business is. If your working with manufacturers you need to have trust that all finished products will be just as great as the sample product. When dropshipping a product you need to trust that all products will arrive as scheduled and packaged as planned.

If you ever find yourself seeking financing from banks and venture capitalists, and I feel for you if that is a goal of yours, you will find yourself jumping through hoops for small change. Most of these financial partners, and i stress 'financial partners,' will not work with you unless a certain level of trust is there. In all honesty, any financier that is willing to work with you without getting to knowing you personally and what you stand for is not worth their weight in gold because they are idiots and can cause serious issues for your company and future ventures.

Just ask yourself one question, would you yourself give a person $100k for a business venture without getting to know them on a personal level? If your answer is yes, then leave your name and contact information and i will pass you on to some needy entrepreneurs. A business plan is like hiring a new employee, everything may look great on paper but if the person doesn't have the qualities to make sound decisions or run a company effectively then that's $100k down the drain.

3. Always Maintain A Positive Attitude


As an entrepreneur the mindset of preparing for success is essential. You have to learn how to uplift yourself before anyone else can. In life self-made millionaires seem to share similar qualities (Self-Made Millionaire Qualities) and refusing to fail sits high at number 6 on the list. Such qualities are qualities that entrepreneurs can adopt in order to achieve entrepreneurial success. Refusing to fail takes a positive attitude and the ability to turn bounce back from feeling defeated. Remember positive attitudes are contagious, and must start within the entrepreneur first. So...


If you haven't seen 300, here are some save money resources.

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