5 Customer Keeping Ways to Adopt

  1. Actively institute multiple-platform client-feedback opportunities via a combination of phone outreach, targeted direct mail and social networking/viral venues, including a company blog, company e-newsletter and e-mail, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. If you are conducting a multi-question survey, try to include a meaningful offer, prize or gift in consideration of the client's time.
  2. Respond sincerely and with gusto to complaints and kudos.
  3. Plant fresh revenue-stream seeds via new products and reward-based sales campaigns (i.e., get a 50 percent-off coupon with your next order, free shipping with a minimum order, etc.).
  4. Engage your immediate network of friends and community influencers with exciting product or services updates.
  5. Promote client success stories via viral, print and face-to-face networking spaces (your website, PR, local chamber of commerce, trade and professional associations' portals, e-newsletters and social online networks like Twitter.)

Think Customer Service

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