5 Daunting Tasks as a Blogger

It is no secret that some bloggers are faced with these daunting tasks in order to break through the mold and get their content and blog site up in the rankings of Google, Alexa, Technorati, and others. Just think about what you have to do as a blogger, the things that makes your head ache or troubles you to the point where you are tempted to give up on your blog site.

The Daunting Task List

1. Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) your site

This can be a daunting task to the new blogger who is not familiar with SEO practices. It's kind of like being a professional blacksmith attempting to build laptops in a sense. There are ways to get around this daunting task.

The solution(s) to this daunting task can be a number of things. You can hire someone to do the work for you but then that would cost money. You can take a few hours out of your day and learn about SEO by reading articles and visiting other SEO niche sites and blogs, but then that would cost you time. Finally but definitely not the last total option for you, you can search the net for SEO friendly plugins for your blog (depending on your platform).

2. Writing Fresh Content

Trying to keep things fresh on your blog can be a bit daunting as your readership grows and your readers become more demanding.

The solution(s) to this daunting task can be as easy as just asking for help. Seek out guest bloggers and or assistance from friends. If that doesn't work then you can always write a review or show some link love to hold you over for a few days. Readers normally appreciate the resources that you recommend or use.

3. Generating Traffic to your Blog

This is definitely a daunting task that may take some time and a lot of effort on your part as the owner. In most cases what good is a site without traffic?

The solution(s) to this daunting task can be a difficult one implement. Write anchor articles and submit them to social bookmarking sites that you are sure will delivery quality readers to your site. This can be challenging, especially when you have sites that will drive a heavy load of traffic to your site resulting in one of two things, a server crash or a huge spike in traffic resulting in a big upset as visitors neglect to subscribe or return to your site.

4. Meeting Other Bloggers

This may not be as hard as it seems, but if you wear your emotions on your sleeves then hold back from attempting this because i will guarantee that you will get your feelings hurt.

The solution(s) to this daunting task is simple. Don't contact the big, well known bloggers in hopes to build a friendship or partnership. Most will speak to you with a quick response and then move on. Then there are some that will ignore you altogether as if you don't exist.

5. Blog Marketing

This task is so daunting that you may have to take a day away from your blog just to recuperate from the brain drainage that this task can cause. Not to mention too focus in this area will cause you to struggle a little with your postings, in which you can revisit #2 for the solution.

The solution(s) to this daunting task is also simple. Pay a firm to do your marketing for you costing you $1500 + for a few things you could do for yourself. Learn what you need to do to get your blog out there in the public eye, study your target audience, and listen to the actions of your readers and visitors. Another solution is to think creatively and maintain an open mind.

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