5 Ways to Create A Buzz (Blog Marketing Tip #16)

1. Visit popular bloggers or check the wire (media sites) within your niche and blog about it before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. This will give you some great buzz when done right, and generate some good search engine traffic.

2. Start a site or service that people will find to be unethical and ask them to join or help you promote it. This is kind of a chance thing. Either bloggers that enjoy the idea of your service or site will blog about it and those that find it to be unethical may blog about but then again they may not.

I recall a service that was recently unreleased which stirred up a lot of talk amongst bloggers ranging from Problogger to John Chow. The funny thing is that regardless if these bloggers agreed with the service of not they all linked back to the site giving the site a ton of buzz and recognition.

3. Challenge a blogger - Every once and a while you will see other popular bloggers challenging other popular bloggers to see who can beat who to a certain number of subscribed readers, ect.

4. Write a post that will stir up some emotion (good or bad). This will get people talking, in most cases bad publicity is better than no publicity, people will still visit your site out of mere curiosity. However, if the right blog site blogs about your post then others will follow for sure.

5. Develop or have someone help you develop a useful WP plugin. If the plugin in is deemed useful then the WordPress users will praise it and blog about it from time to time.

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