8 SEO Plugins for Better Traffic (Blog Marketing Tip #3)

This is part of the '23 Blog Marketing Online and Offline Tips' series.

Search engine optimization is very important to any site and with all of the plugins available to you there is no reason why anyone should left in the dark. Optimizing your blog site for traffic is essential to your success as a blogger and generally will allow your more time to focus more on your articles and other methods of marketing your blog.

8 SEO Plugins Your Blog Site Needs

1. All In One SEO Pack

The name says it all, everything you need for your blog site to automatically include search engine optimization.

more info here

2. Optimal Title v3.0 -

This plugin replaces the WP structure of adding your blog title before your post title (The Beef Jerky Blog > 'Post title here'). For more optimization you would use this plugin in order to reverse your blog title to appear after your post title ('Post title here' > The Beef Jerky Blog).

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3. Search Meter -

This plugin allows you to record what people are looking for on your site and whether or not your visitors are finding what they are searching for. This can be very helpful as you will be able to see exactly what your visitors are seeking when they come to your site. This plugin will also help you further understand what your visitors are expecting from your site.

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4. Google Sitemap Generator v2 -

This plugin does exactly what the name states. This plugin creates a Google friendly XML sitemap that will increase your chances of getting your site indexed and ranked.

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5. Crawl Page Generator -

This plugin generates a crawl page for search engines to browse through your site and index your pages.

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6. Add Meta Tags -

This plugin adds XHTML META tags to your WordPress blog. Its design is based on the assumption that the WordPress categories are used as tags, so it requires no user configuration in order to work. On the other hand, the latest versions include all those features a SEO-concerned publisher would need in order to have total control over those meta tags.

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7. Premalink Redirct -

A WordPress plugin that replies a 301 permanent redirect, if requested URI is different from entry’s (or archive’s) permalink. It is used to ensure that there is only one URL associated with each blog entry.

more info here

8. Feedburner FeedSmith -

This plugin allows you to replace the default WordPress feed feature with your Feed Burner feed. Do not worry about readers being forgotten about once you install this plugin. It redirects your feed readers to your Feed Burner feed so you can track your subscribers.

more info here

For the weekend take some time and make sure that your blog site is optimized for search engine traffic.

What do you think about these plugins? Helpful not helpful? Did I forget any?

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  1. kitap 11 August 2007 at 9:15 pm Permalink

    thansk you. i find 2 plugin that i dont know:)

  2. NichM 15 October 2007 at 5:17 pm Permalink

    Thanks for the great list! This have helped my site, thanks a ton!

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