A Quick Poem and Trustworthy Message

This is not a traditional post of mine but i was inspired by this particular poem and wanted to share this with the world. It's a poem that i have yet to title from my book, so at the moment it's untitled. I need to have a title by the end of next month for reprinting. Because the first of books did well and received good reviews. So here it goes...


Gambling, shotgun flinger, struttin that way across the roadside
stoppin for sunshine, got a light? to smoke out her insides
fiendly betting against nothing worth treasuring
finding faith in the bottom of a pocket book
steadily struttin on a ledge to fight her, off her frightened look
just watching, as time leaves a trace around her road block
she suffers greatly inside to stop her outside smile from fading
dream like states seen like crates of Georgia peaches
bright with no way out to discover the better things like taste
in this case trust...
something further down the road with excuses to bust or burst
which ever quest ends first
she's a goner, ghost rider for the timeless founders
nothing but a moment in time taking the left...

© Ant. All Rights Reserved.


The Message to a Friend

how can you tell if someone is trustworthy? I mean you get people everyday that wear these masks talking big words they may be incapable of understanding. I guess it goes along with the ideas of games and all those other great school yard things. For a moment I would say one should be greatful for finding something in their life they can appreciate or someone that can truly appreciate them. But human nature is to get what you want and abuse it or get what you want and neglect it because within yourself you feel complete but guilty at the same time, that there is something better around the corner a few steps away from where you currently are standing.

You may feel as though you don't deserve something because of what you did to someone else or because someone else feels as though you don't deserve it. Right... love is selfishness, cruel, greed, abusive, negligent, manipulative, boastful and everything else under the sun people seem to fall for. I don't consider those that waste my time friends... nor companions of any kind... but in know more of what love is, and today the least it isn't what's listed above.

But people don't want to realize that... instead they lie and do other things to make themselves feel good for the moment... yeah yeah... life is short and live it to the fullest then why waste your time with someone you don't want or someone who doesn't want you? or why waste your time trying live in the past of what you had but walked away from? Why lie? Why sneak? What's to gain from all that? in the end people, keep living like that and what you get is an empty bed, an empty life of living searching for that which you thought you had...

Why keep those doors open or reopen them? Why pretend to be something or someone you're not? Why trust in someone to do that which you won't? Are you that blind, stupid, or just plain selfish?

oh well... Good day...


What did you think about the poem? What is the best title for this particular poem? I'm open to all suggestions and ideas.

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