How to add a second Blogroll to your Sidebar

How to add another Blogroll category to your Sidebar
Very quick and easy tutorial for you bloggers that wish to add another blogroll to your sidebar. Why would you want to add another blogroll to your sidebar? This can make link management a lot easier, especially if you are independently selling text links on your site.

>> Tutorial Begins Here <<

Take the code below:

<*?php wp_list_bookmarks('category=xx'); ?*>

And add it anywhere within your sidebar without the '*' on both ends where you wish for the blogroll category to show up. For example, all WordPress Blogroll link sections are labeled ‘Blogroll’ by default and is classified in a category with a given #, for the sake of this tutorial let’s say that the blogroll category number is ’23.’

Let’s say that you would like to add an additional blogroll link section labeled ‘Partners,’ and this section was given a category number of ’19,’ then the additional blogroll code will resemble the new blogroll category number (See below)

<*?php wp_list_bookmarks(‘category=19’); ?*>

Add this code to your sidebar and BAMMM! You have just added an additional blogroll to your blog site. Life should be a lot easier now and all you have to do is focus on selling links to fill the space.

Enjoy & cheers… I hope this tutorial helped… let me know, drop me a line or a comment with your questions or concerns. Is there an easier way to make this happen? Let me know so I can update this post…

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