Agloco ViewBar Released

Finally the Agloco Viewbar is released, again. I apparently missed out the first time they released and then took it back. Well, this time you better believe that i jumped on the opportunity to try it out and guess what, it's not that bad. It really does not effect how web pages are viewed or displayed. You don't have to worry about annoying pop-ups and toolbar warnings in the bottom corner of your screen. In fact, I have already met the 5 hour max for the month, very simple for one share of the web.

The Viewbar is not intrusive at all, after i installed it, i ran just to give it a shot and i must say that i was expecting to get annoyed and bombarded with advertisements but not this Viewbar. I have sitting on the bottom of my screen so it just looks like the Windows toolbar and if you are like me then the Viewbar goes unnoticed making it easier for you to make some real money online. Now that Agloco has officially launche, why not sign up here?

Agloco Viewbar
The Agloco Viewbar allows you to change the display of your Viewbar. Nothing complex, but very simple with the usual:


  • English
  • Chinese

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
    Dock (Desktop Location)

  • Bottom
  • Top

Another cool feature is that the Viewbar lets you choose between search engines, to Google or not to Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask, ect. If this has sparked your interest like it has others you can sign up for Agloco now and get started with the 'Fast Viewbar Download' option and make even more money by joining the Agloco train. Hey, now you're really making money online.

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