An Entrepreneur’s Fools Gold

After reading an article in Entrepreneur I came to the idea that you truly cannot believe everything that you read. In fact, as a business owner and entrepreneur this can be vital to your success and failure.

Any article that discusses the importance of giving your business an online imagine while focusing on pay services and costly products would be a fool's guide to paying too much for too little. There is no reason why a business or entrepreneur should pay big bucks in order to get their business online. With so many free resources and information out there it is possible to give your business an online image for the small cost of a domain and hosting (if even that).

There is always a cost efficient means to achieve your goal. With time, effort and determination anything can be achieved. Don't be fooled by 'false prophets' in this case, articles or columns written for respectable business, and money media promising to save you money or take your business to new heights without doing your due diligence.

Research! You see, there goes that word again. Starting your own business and making money online is just as easy as it is to write a research paper.

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  1. Danny Cooper 9 October 2008 at 4:35 am Permalink

    Research is definitely a vital part of any business, without research you might as well go and gamble all your money on a race.

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