Appreciation or Gratitude

There seems to be a growing interest in the diea behind gratitude and appreciation. I would say that gratitude is more of a statement of being, as where you can tell someone that you are sooooo grateful for them (and yes I did over extend it a bit), and not appreciate them at all.

Appreciation is more of a state of being of which you are present in your truth, and actively in reflection as to why you feel grateful for someone or something. In the power of appreciation is understanding the value of which it is that you are grateful for.

However, check this video out and let me know your thoughts on what Abraham & Esther Hicks have to say in regards to appreciation and gratitude.

The Emotion of Appreciation vs. the Attitude of Gratitude

How would you explain the difference between gratitude and appreciation? Tell us a bit as to how you practice this daily and how has it helped you? 

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