Are You Failing in Affiliate Marketing

Why people fail in affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing looks pretty simple from most prospectives, but in reality it is a little trickier than most people think. One of the main reasons why affiliate marketers seem to fail at making money online in Affiliate marketing is mainly due to the lack of dedication and work. Affiliate marketing should be treated like any other business or entrepreneurial endeavor. It takes work and dedication to succeed in just about any business.

One of the most common reasons for failure can be attributed to the lack of knowledge about promoting. Affiliate marketing depends on getting a lot of targeted traffic to your sites ( I say sites because in most cases just one site won't cut it). Once the traffic is generated, then you can hope to achieve a substantial click through and sales conversion. Many new affiliates are not aware of the amount of work that goes into getting targeted traffic, in some cases you would think that PPC is the only means of generating traffic, then you have a costly idea of how a fool with deep pockets thinks.

The other mistake is not to have your own website. This prevents you from doing your own website promotions and does not allow you to capture the email addresses of your visitors. When you do this you will only be building your sponsor’s business and not your own. You will also be decreasing your sales conversions.

Not knowing how to advertise your site, where to advertise, and what you should be doing in order to direct traffic to your site is also another costly mistake. I would suggest that you do your research before treading these waters. Advertising should be aimed towards your targeted niche and not in unrelated publications or on sites that don't come close to relating to your niche. In some cases, you will find gold in unfamiliar waters, like discovering that your niche products, services and offers indirectly relate to a site that has an untapped market of unpopular keywords and so on.

Selling, not pre selling:
Too many affiliates try to sell their affiliate products instead of getting the click through. If you try to sell to your visitors and then send them through to your sponsor’s sales page they are in effect being double sold and will not be very inclined to buy. Possibly... you never know until you try.

If you pre sell to your visitors and warm them for the sale they will be ready for your sponsor’s sales page and be inclined to buy. Maybe... This can increase your sales conversions and your commissions.

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