Beef Jerky for Everyone!

Beef Jerky: A Worldwide Favorite

Millions of people across the globe enjoy beef jerky and for good reason. Beef jerky and other low carbohydrate meat snacks taste great and make for a healthy, highly nutritious snack. It is not hard to understand, then, why beef jerky is a favorite the world over, from the biltong of South Africa to the spicy jerky of the American Southwest.

The stereotype of the beef jerky lover paints the nostalgic picture of cowboys and pioneers in the Old West savoring their durable trail snack in between their fascinating adventures. But this stereotype, like all stereotypes, carries the image a bit further than the actual reality. Jerky in the romanticized days gone by was not nearly as flavorful as its modern descendant because it was treated with less seasoning and was heavily salted to ensure maximum longevity. Practical, yes; Delicious? That was probably a matter of opinion.

Modern beef jerky recipes have transformed the durable meat snack into a delicacy all its own. Today, jerky is still renowned for its easy storage and portability, but it is also prized for its delicious and satisfying flavor. Of course, that means that people everywhere are learning about the wonderful world of jerky.

Outdoor enthusiasts represent a large group of beef jerky fans. That is because jerky is perhaps the ideal camping food it is lightweight, packs a nutritious punch and can go anywhere, anytime. When one is looking for camping food recipes, one need look no further than beef jerky. The same goes for those looking for hunting snacks that can't be beat or fishing snacks that are guaranteed to hit the spot. Jerky is also the ideal food for boaters enjoying a long summer's day out on the water. And who can forget their scouting days? Jerky was and still remains the quintessential Boy Scout food.

Then there are the people who love beef jerky by surprise. For example, many people have discovered the joy of sending gift baskets packed with treats like beef jerky and so have the people who receive them! Hungry and homesick college students also tend to turn into unexpected beef jerky fans when the tasty meat snack is including in their college care packages. Beef jerky also finds deserving fans when it is included as a backpacking food in makeshift survival kits.

Perhaps most surprising of all, one does not need to be a fan of meat products to enjoy beef jerky. Those pursuing the vegetarian lifestyle are pleased to know that jerky can be made from tofu and other meat-free products, producing a jerky that is just as flavorful as any other. On the other hand, jerky is a huge favorite among people on high-protein diets. Because it is loaded with protein but low in carbohydrates, jerky is one of the best Atkins Diet foods.

Needless to say, jerky is a favorite among a wide range of different types of people. Whether it is used as hunting food or as a vegetarian alternative, as a camping food or as a gift basket stuffer, jerky has been, is and always will be a popular snack all over the world.

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