Best of Jimmy Kimmel’s unnecessary Censorship

Just a little fun Weekend humor... I missed hump day so I'm making it up to you... This is totally PG, don't worry...


Motivational Books

  • Good to Great
  • Purple Cow
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • The Millionaire Next Door
  • Losing My Virginity (Richard Branson)
  • News

    Big Ben Stands Still

    Time briefly stood still as the clock's hands were frozen shortly after 8 a.m. They then were wound to 12 o'clock as a team of specialist "industrial rope-access technicians" descended to clean the clock's four latticework faces, part of maintenance ahead of its 150th anniversary in 2009.
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    Pfizer Going to Court

    New York-based Pfizer is facing four court cases — two filed by the Nigerian government and two by officials in the northern Nigerian state where Mohammed lives — over a decade-old drug study that included Mohammed's son.

    The company, which denies any wrongdoing, is accused of using a 1996 meningitis epidemic to push through a sloppily managed drug study that contributed to death in some and infirmities in others.
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    Importer recalls 255,000 Chinese tires

    A tire importer said Thursday it would recall 255,000 Chinese-made tires it claims were defective because they lack a safety feature that prevents tread separation.
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