Biden vs Palin Vice Presidential Debate

For some time now, i have been avoiding sharing my thoughts and opinions on the Presidential elections, but after last night and this morning I have to say something. Please understand that your beliefs and opinions are valued and respected, but maybe some of you can shed some light on a few questions that I have...

Why is Rudy Giuliani such an idiot?

Seriously, after watching the debate last night, I couldn't help but to think that the world is losing it's mind or that the US is going to the birds. How can everyone back a McCain/ Palin administration when the VP has no clue what the position entails. I lost a lot of respect for Giuliani after watching the GOP Convention, his speech was juvenile and ignorant. The hilarious thing is, I was watching CNN this morning and Giuliani made a comment, let em rephrase that, he had 'Not so Smart' moment when discussing the VP debate. He started by saying Palin did a great job and that she outdid Biden... well, then he continues to go on about her experience... oh wait, let me rephrase that... 'Executive Experience.'

I have executive experience, so what does that really mean? Well, he continues to say that the lipstick wearing bulldog (is that English or American Pit?) has more experience than anyone on the ticket...


At this point I'm dumb founded because Giuliani in his annoying Rocky Balboa voice starts to babble again while chuckling about the hockey mom's 'Executive Experience.' However, the funny part comes shortly after the Rocky victory speech praising Palin. The reporter asks Giuliani:

Does Sarah Palin have more experience than you?

Oh, to my surprise he said laughed and said no, but then retracted the comment and continued to say how they both had different experience, with her being the Governor of a small town and him being a Governor of a big city... WTH? Giuliani is a complete idiot... Somewhere in his head, he believes that he and Sarah Palin have more experience than Joe Biden and Barack Obama put together. What the hell is executive experience? What? she ran a business? She was governor of a 'Small Town' and sat (or still resides) on the board of directors of the oil company in Alaska? What she done for the people in Alaska prior to being in a political role? She talks the big talk of being a reformist for the people but I have yet to hear anything that makes me think Palin is just an all around great candidate for 'Actual Change.'

She didn't even defend or expand on the health care credit/ tax that McCain wishes to pose. WTH? A $5k tax credit to families that can barely make a mortgage payment only to turn around and tax that $5k as income? So you lose your $12k BCBS coverage and replace it with a $5k PPO? Maybe I am forgetting something here but talk about big business getting bigger, PPO CEOs already clean house and stack their pockets with Millions. In fact, if you are undergoing surgery what are you going to do? A $5k coverage plan will not cover the major costs. Heart surgery can cost up to $100k plus, and for a simple Anestesia it can run up to $15k not including the Doctor's costs, the room, meds during and the prescription drugs after. If a $5k coverage plan would work don't you think the companies themselves would rather pay $5k per employee instead of $12k and up? With a$5k health coverage plan, what regulations will the McCain put in place to make sure that insurance companies are owning up and not turning away care from those that really need it?

How can anyone go on a whim b/c McCain is a 'Maverick' and Palin is a 'Hockey Mom,' or 'lipstick wearing bulldog'? Have they even developed a clear campaign direction? What, Country First? But their beliefs don't resemble the ideology of 'Country First' because if it did then instead of building up other countries and policing the world, they would talk about reinvesting in this country to rebuild it's public school structure, raise the pay for teachers, police officers, fire fighters, Military Soldiers and other respectable jobs and cap those ridiculous professions such as professional athletes, music execs, major star actresses and actors.

People come on... Haven't you learned already? That in this world it is no longer about what ethnicity you are, what race you belong to, the color of your skin... In fact, it doesn't even matter what party you belong to, it's about humanity, it's about living and being able to build a better world and future for your children, sons and daughters.

How can major manufacturers use harmful chemicals when producing baby products (bottles, pacifiers, cups, bowls, ect.) to cut corners? Even with vaccinations? However, you better believe that these companies still made a significant profit. BPA in baby bottles, after years and years of testing, in other countries they have already had results showing the harm and effects that BPA can cause to babies and toddlers. Reports from 2006 and early 2007 and here we are in 2008 and all of a sudden there is a BPA bottle recall (unofficial), so you have the choice to choose. This is great in hindsight, but the BPA bottles are priced significantly higher than those containing BPA, so what you are able to afford will dictate your decision and the chance that you will have to take with your child growing up healthy. That makes no sense... How can we put such a low value on a human life?

There is a major moral compass corrosion within this country

I think I may have just gone a little with the rambling... I apologize... Give me your input...


Guest Blogger: Jody Cramen

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