Blog Marketing by Mail (Blog Marketing Tip #7)

This is part of the ‘23 Blog Marketing Tips’ series.

Ever imagined or tried to count the number of hands a letter goes through when taken from your mailbox? The concept is simple and easy for everyone to take part in. Granted this method cannot be measured or tracked but I guarantee that you will reach someone new who may not have known that your blog site ever existed.

The Plan

1. Take an envelope or package of any size and length

2. Write your blog site address legibly across the back and or the front of the envelope or package, in a noticeable location or you can add a graphic along with your blog site address. The point is to grab the attention of every person that touches your envelope or receives your package.

3. Add the proper postage to the package or envelope (avoid adding anything around the address area and the postage area) and ship away

4. Monitor your traffic using a program similar to or Google Analytics. You want to use this program in order to see where your traffic is coming from (local and or national). This will help you in your attempts to monitor your marketing by mail traffic and efforts.

The beauty about this method is that it's free and easy to implement. In fact, it takes nothing and if you are already selling things online, ebay, Ubid,, ect. then you already have one or more potential new readers that your blog site address is guaranteed to reach.

If you want to make it a bit sophisticated then print your blog site address on the back of each envelope that you use in large letters. If you aren't keen on printing directly on your envelope then try labels or rubber stamps.

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