Blog Marketing College Days (Blog Marketing Tips #11)

This is part of the ‘23 Blog Marketing Tips’ series.

College Move-In

Can you think of a better way to attempt to relive your college days while making money? I cannot, but then again I'm still in the process of getting my masters so my college days have yet to end.

So referring back to an older post, '10 Ways to Market Your Blog Site Offline,' #3 with an even larger idea. In fact, this idea is so simple and cheap (or free) and yet brilliant at the same time (we all know we love free and simplicity).

The moment

After working freshman move-in all day, I looked up to see my fraternity partaking in an interesting display of fraternal love and respect (they were setting up a couch, xbox and tv outside on the lawn at the school with a huge hand-made bar that displayed our letters proudly for all to see). Well, at that very moment between the laughter and embarrassment came a moment of truth.

When marketing your site and or business you cannot tussle with fear, because you may lose and possibly lose that contract or long awaited break.

The Idea

If you are part of a greek fraternity or 'organized' organization then you should pay close attention to the methods of marketing being used to promote your fraternal family. In fact, these ideas will show you the key to marketing to college students.

For the sake of the Beef Jerky Blog and this post, I will assume that you are marketing your blog site.

1. Rent a U-Haul or Budget moving truck, borrow your friends or family member's 'big' pick-up or SUV, or use your current car

2. Buy two or three white sheets or take some old solid light-colored sheets and paint your blog site address and or message (spray paint works better than paint and markers)

3. Depending on your vehicle of choice, your sheets will have to meet certain dimensions and weight standards that will prevent your sheets from flying away or getting removed due to your rear wheels (two great embarrassing moments for you to blog about)

4. Place the sheets on all four sides of your vehicle and the rear of your vehicle (this is why a rented U-Haul or Budget truck, or trailer would be ideal) in order to make sure you attract viewers and gawkers (the idea is to turn them into visitors, the message should be the 'take the cake' message). You can either do this once you have arrived at the location or before (why not get the extra traffic).

5. Drive through a traffic heavy event, such as 'Freshman move-in,' college tailgates, major high school games, ect.

6. Take it a step further and give out freebies, bottled beverages, apparel, ect. to visitors or just to random people with labels that have your blog site and or a message along with your logo and include a business card (A great use of free business cards).

How many people wouldn't be interested in what you have to give them if you had, 'TAKE MY xBOX 360 COLLECTION FOR FREE!' or 'FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE!' painted on the side of your vehicle you will get tons of people interested in what you're selling. Especially at a college or university, believe me i know.

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