How to Crash your server within 24hrs

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Let’s face it building traffic is a daunting task and although there are so many ways to go about building traffic to your site, and even ugly sites need love too (eFufChairs Dot Com). I digressed, I have to admit, like some bloggers, StumbleUpon and Digg have been my biggest traffic generators while overnight forcing my site to go offline in the past. The problem has been corrected. It’s sickening honestly, I have no clue what happens when i turn away from my computer all i know is that in the morning, bright and early, i have to check my hosting stats.

I guess you can call this part duex of an article that i posted a few weeks ago (3 Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic). I should probably expand on this. First and foremost, always be prepared for a traffic spike. You will save money with hosting and time not having to worry about whether or not your host provider is up on their job. In most cases your site will be offline for a half day to three days if you wait on your hosting provider. So be prepared.

Now there are so many ways to drive traffic to your blog or website without much effort. As mentioned Stumble, Digg, Article submissions are all effective methods of driving traffic to your site. Here is another list of possible traffic generators:

1. Guest blog for other blog sites.
This is an effective way to broaden your readership. In fact, i recommend this method of driving traffic to your site because it is in fact safe and a good way to get your name and website out there. Not to mention the potential to build your site authority and raise your Google and Alexa page rank.

However, be prepared for the audience to come. What is worse than winning a raffle and not being their to claim your prize? Winning the lottery and not answering the door. Well, the same goes here.

Imagine doing a guest post for a site that gets ton of publicity daily and not only that, now your blog site is reaping the benefits and getting a taste of the traffic but you don't have one authority or anchor article on your site to wheel your visitors in, just random ramblings of dinner, girls, boys, toenails... i think you get the idea.

Be prepared, add authority to your site before venturing out to guest post on other blogs. Make their readers want to come back and check up on you. Talk about some random topics that fit your blog site and others, keep a wide range of artillery for the cavalry. You'll never see them coming so always be prepared.

2. Join The Masses
Read other blogs daily and find out what they are talking about. This is another good way to cypher traffic from other blog sites. If you have a decent page rank and know how to utilize SEO very well, then there is a possibility that you can claim a high listing in the Search Engines for a specific term or phrase. The International House of Pancakes is planning on buying Applebees, if this was a topic discussed and beaten to death in the blogosphere why not write about it in attempts to cypher traffic from other blog sites.

Of course there are also a few black hat methods that will further help boost your posts rankings, I'm not a black hatter though but there is a ton of info out there. Although I'm not saying that i wholeheartedly support black hat methods, such methods are considered to be spam in the eyes of most bloggers and search engines. Keep in mind though, there are some sites you just will not be able to trump in the Search Engines, well read on...

3. If you Can't Beat'em, Leave Quality Comments
Leaving quality comments on other blogs will do three things that can help your blog site.

  1. Get your comment approved and a possible high PR link back to your blog site. With all the spam out there most bloggers approve each and every comment that visitors leave, or Akismet catches them and marks them as spam. What about no-follow? What about it? Most bloggers are beginning to educate themselves on the 'no-follow' attribute and although not all will make the change from no-follow to saying no to no-follow doesn't mean that they don't support it but that they are probably just not ready, i-follow with terms.
  2. Gain the interest of the site's regulars and 'ghost' visitors. I use 'ghost visitors' to describe the people that frequent the site but have yet to leave a comment of their own. This would be ideal for your blog site as you already know that certain readers, if engaged, will become active within your blog community. Hell, they might even be kind enough to show some link love or write a brief review about your site.
  3. You may get some link love or advice from the blogger themselves. This would surely help your blog site generate future traffic and readers. Never underestimate the power of a mentor or the power of advice.

4. Write Interesting Posts Write Interesting Headliners
I recently had one of my blog articles listed and linked to from a Wall Street Journal Blog, and the Alexa rating jumped significantly from 4,867,000 to 1,000,000. Wow! Yeah that was what went through my head when i realized where the bulk of my traffic increase was coming from. Imagine that, yet again i wasn't ready. I had just set everything up and had yet to set up an analytical program, so Google Analytics, the quickest solution was added but i still believe i missed the majority or the gold rush.

The point being is to always be prepared, and write good titles. Get as creative as possible without offending your audience. You never know who will pick you up and give your site a boost. A WSJ Blog... Hey look at that... I guess i do have intelligent things to say... Creative headlines will also help with setting with your site high up in the SERPs.

5. Join the Masses, pt. II
Join social bookmarking sites and communities such as Blog Catalog, MyBlogLog, and others. This will help drive traffic to your site and possible subscribers. It is important to not spam your communities but to keep them informed from time to time. Make sure that you answer every email and communicate with other bloggers in and ouside of our niche. Everyone says to go after the blogs that are within your niche.

I am not against this but it's a safe way to attract readership and boring. Remember to think outside of the box, who is to say that a frequent reader of a rhetoric blog is not going to fit into your reader base? The fact of the matter is, a reader is a reader and they come and go, some even stay and become subscribers and then tell their friends or link back to a post that they enjoyed. See where I'm going with this? Expand your horizon and expand your reader base. Staying within one niche limits the possibilities of your success.

6. Contests
Run a contest... I really don't think i can expand on this too much because it is just that simple... A contest has worked wonders for some blog sites, in fact there are so many blog contests that go live everyday, you can solely create a blog that just publishes and promotes other blogger's contests.

7. Wear Your Blog Site or Get Attractive People To Do So
Maybe you are very attractive, but if i have a blog site about electronics and computers I'm putting my blog gear on attractive beautiful women with good features. Let's face it... Women love electronics and computers too, but your general reader demographic will be men. Sex sells EVERYTHING! Ever hear of Porno Pizza?

Make t-shirts with funny slogans including your blog name and or logo on the shirt where people can see it. If it's a baby t-shirt for women place your blog site name on places that are noticeable. I have tried this method and it is a sure conversational starter, which is all you need in order to get your blog site pumped into someone's head. Think, if you are a guy and you see a beautiful woman in passing wearing a shirt that says "[Insert Slogan Here - Something Sexy to Arouse Attention]" on the front and on the back "[Insert Closing Slogan]" with the domain "" on the back of the shirt in big white letters on her lower back.

Have you ever seen "Glen Gary Glen Ross?" Then you should be familiar with the phrase, "ABC - A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing." That goes for your t-shirts, flyers, ect. Always be closing, every conversation, every meeting, every interaction. Being a male myself the mind is funny. You're going to think about the model and use the domain name and or slogan to relate to the experience. Now I've captured a visitor, a possible reader, and or subscriber. Set up an anchor article somewhere on the front page and there you have it, "ABC," the wheels are set in motion for your site to always be closing.

Ok, time for some clarity... Not all of these methods will force your blog site to go offline, but they will build traffic, subscribers and your reader base. I don't want to bore you to death but there are so many sites that outline the same general content and methods of building traffic to your site, I really did not want to re-outline these methods but mention the methods that have worked for me specifically. If monetized correctly you can make more money online from your newly generated traffic. This is good... Oh and proof read your work... haha thanks DigitalNomad...

What do you know about black hat SEO? Anyone familiar with black hat SEO, contact me if you are interested in doing a guest post.


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16 Responses to “How to Crash your server within 24hrs”

  1. Kuanyin 17 July 2007 at 12:34 pm Permalink

    Hey, just thought I should point out to you that the #1 header should read “guest” instead of “guess”. Hey, what are friends for, eh? Small thing, but it’s something which should probably be fixed. I like your blog and have fav’d it!

  2. Sephyroth 17 July 2007 at 1:45 pm Permalink

    Hi, I’m reading via the Bumpzee US Blogs Community RSS feed. 🙂

    Those are some good tips; especially the one about leaving comments. I know that it works; it seems the more comments I leave, the more visitors I get.


  3. Blog Money 17 July 2007 at 2:58 pm Permalink

    @ Kuanyin – Yeah i know… thanks… got that corrected. How are you?

    @ Sephyroth – Rock on… it’s good to get involved in communities there is a ton of knowledge to be gained.

  4. Gerri 18 July 2007 at 1:16 am Permalink

    All good advice here! Thanks for pointing out that you have to be ready when the traffic comes. I like to put all new sites into a 90 day development period in which I don’t do a whole lot with them except SEO and building up quality content. Then after I have the site really ready and have made sure the host can handle it and I have the bandwidth at my disposal I can start the promotions.

    Maybe I should do an Absolutely True t-shirt giveaway contest and ask only the sexy people to enter 😉 Just kidding, but it’s a good idea, huh? :))

  5. Fast Stumble Exchange 18 July 2007 at 3:25 am Permalink

    However i agree with what you say you should do, the list is highly lacking as it does not address what you should NOT do.

    1) don’t join a social site JUST to game it

    2) don’t put digg buttons on every post when they have nothing to do with digg-esq

    3) Don’t put your one time readers from fast coming social media above your loyal following.

    and on and on.

    I would also add, if you moderate your comments, then your links _should_ be follow (and you should broadcast that), if the comment is good enough to add to your site, then it is adding value and thus a small “reward” should be granted. Like tBJB 😀

    • Blog Money 18 July 2007 at 10:10 am Permalink

      I wouldn’t say the list is ‘highly lacking’ as the article stays true to it’s title.

      It’s not about what not to do, it’s addressing the bloggers that want to drive traffic to their sites with a little caution. If i was to go that route and add what not to do, I would have added the points you highlighted, with the exception of 3 because i’m not really following you there. Unless you are speaking in terms of content.

      Don’t worry i don’t moderate comments too much, i just remove links to sites from the comments area that the commenter hyperlinks to their name… and ‘i-follow,’ just with terms…


  6. Fast Stumble Exchange 18 July 2007 at 10:28 am Permalink

    I was being a bit over the top when i said “highly lacking,” i wasn’t trying to be emotive, but as for point 3 let me explain.

    I guess that your blog is like most blogs in that the distribution of the number of times people visit is bimodal with something like 40% being 1 time visitors and 40% being regular readers (and the rest fill in the gap).

    So the 1 time visitors come from google or social book marks.

    Of the people who come from google, you migh just as well show them the ads and have them clicking on the PPC on there way out the door.

    As for the social folks, get them to link or subscribe to the rss.

    The long time readers are there to read for the real meat in the articles. With them you MUST GAIN TRUST so that they will take your advice on purchasing products that you endorse as well to continue to read, link, and submit your site to social sites.

    So gain trust with your regulars. If you start selling out to digg/stumble whatever over your main readers you are selling yourself short.

    • Blog Money 18 July 2007 at 11:45 am Permalink

      Are you talking about this blog to be specific? If so then you’re wrong and ‘you’ being a one time visitor i believe can’t make that observation based on your 1 visit alone.

      Unless of course you are ‘comment marketing’ in hopes to receive a PR link back to the site you are promoting which seems to be a site based on gaming Stumble.

      Regular readers will subscribe to your feed regardless of what i’m putting in front of them. If they enjoy the content then they will become readers and this goes for the Google and Social bookmarking folks as well. If you are attempting to educate then all is well. In fact, submit an article on ‘What not to do,’ I will gladly post it within reason, and of course you can even link to your blog.

      I would say, yeah trust is a big thing with long term readers, but when you are starting up, all of this takes time and effort. Talk to some bloggers that have yet to get one subscriber and they will gladly use such methods to build a reader base to gain recognition for their work not necessarily hoping to make money.

  7. SEO Reloaded 3 August 2007 at 10:39 am Permalink

    These are absolutely great tips that will make anybodys server crash in 24 hours 😛 or use up their bandwidth in no time. Will try them out and see if my server crashes 😀

  8. Netpreneur 10 August 2007 at 9:45 am Permalink

    This is real good stuff….i think i will make this a one stop place 4 me and my freinds in the blogosphere.!


  9. Jaz 13 August 2007 at 12:47 am Permalink

    I am grateful for your tips and suggestions. I’m just goofy enough to want the crash just once. My blog does not receive enough to do that, at least not yet. I’ve been working on SEO a bit but it certainly is slow.

    Frankly, I can’t buy you a beer!!! First, I live in a dry county in our state. Wouldn’t wanna go south of the law, ya know. 🙂 Second, I ain’t gonna buy something I ain’t consuming myself. 🙂 🙂

    By the way, no idea what a black hat is besides the bad guys in a western. ACK! That sorta dates me, doesn’t it. Ah well. Thanks for the advice.

    • Blog Money 13 August 2007 at 4:49 pm Permalink

      haha… that’s a great comment.. thanks for making my day.

      I’m thinking of changing the ‘beer’ to a ‘coffee’ to see how people respond. I hope you subscribe to the feed and stick around a little…. I like the concept of your site, very interested in seeing what you cook up.

  10. stubsy 17 August 2007 at 6:08 pm Permalink

    Good post problem I have with stumbleupon is I can’t stop, the traffic is getting addictive.

  11. Damien Riley 22 August 2007 at 11:26 pm Permalink

    I found you through Bumpzee. You know what? Those are the same pieces of advice I read 9 months ago when I started. I’ve come full circle to realize that crashing the server is just a lot of tare. I want the wheat! That comes from building relationships and cultivating them through mutual comments and Google reader. But I inderstand I am not an seo type MMOL blog and others are. Good article though, I enjoyed it.

  12. Positive 8 June 2008 at 5:27 am Permalink

    Thank you for posting this article and sharing it with us. It is a good thing I had read this. I learned a lot from you especially on how to make a traffic and how to manage it. I’m already doing few things you have said, I still have to manage other tips you gave.Thank you 🙂

  13. learn to bartend 5 April 2009 at 3:48 am Permalink

    This really got me thinking! Must be a good article when it can do that.

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