Breaking the Blockbuster Code

Some will consider this unethical and others will enjoy this post. Regardless of how you read it I or The Beef Jerky Blog, in no way condone or take responsibility for anyone's actions. I recommend that you pay for everything like a tax-paying citizen. However, I'm only here to educate. DO NOT TRY THIS...

How to Get Free Movies, Games, or Make Money From Blockbuster, and even a free Gaming Console, depending on where you live.

The trick is simple, This is all you need:

1. A connection on the inside
2. A Blockbuster Membership
3. A Plan
4. Transportation
5. Restraint

The Job

Once you get a friend or a connection on the inside (employee), have them create you a bogus Blockbuster account or two, and collect your membership card. You don't really want more than one but because it's easy to get carried away and then number 3 will be null and void. Once you r connection completes your account take it and leave the store.

So now you have your account, and membership card, go to Blockbuster, not the same Blockbuster where your connection is but another one within your town radius. Rent a few movies or Games that you have been or are dieing to own, I would say limit it to 3 DVDs or Games, because any number over that amount looks a bit suspicious.

Now the fun begins...

Either that same day or the next day, repeat the previous steps. Making trips to other surrounding blockbusters renting games and or DVDs. I would say play it safe and max out at three Blockbuster stores. No, here is the restraint part... go home and tell no one. The less people involved the better.

The next day, go shopping again for more DVDs or games at Blockbusters outside of your town. Basically, you don't want to keep too much garbage in your own backyard. Once you collect a good number of games or DVDs, oh! i forgot to tel... if you are trying to make money then you quality is better than quantity, this way you can keep it going for a little bit longer than average. If you are trying to just build your collection or get a free Gaming console then it doesn't matter, quality is good but quantity may be better.

Grab your collection... if you have access to a quality printer with good ink then print out covers for the DVDs or Games. Now, take your collection and sell it back to Blockbuster for cash or exchange them for the gaming console that interests you. Now, here is the thin, there are some Blockbusters that may have ditched the exchange program, if this is the case then take the cash or keep the DVDs and or games.

Blockbuster Bloopers Cash 101

Option #1

Once you make the exchange for the Gaming Console sell it on, Craigslist, ebay, Ubid, Sell, or to your neighbor, ect. get creative. This is where you make the good cash. Always go for the gaming console and try to keep a few extra games to sell as a package. If you are really good then you can play the games on your free console save the packaging and still make it look new, just don't get attached.

Option #2

If the gaming console is not too appealing to you then you can do the obvious, sell the DVDs and or Games themselves. Or take orders from different people. Imagine, a DVD retails for what... $20 (you can afford to be a bit greedy with price here they will save money without paying taxes) and a Game for $40-$60 USD. Well, for you they are free, just charge a little less than retail, we will call it wholesaling. Remember, how you get them is not important to your clients/ customers just that they get their orders as promised in perfect condition. This is a great option as you can make more than option #1.

Let's say a system online is going for $220 with a game bundle... that's cool and then factor in shipping. Now, imagine 20-25 New Release DVDs or Games (the number is a bit high for beginners, don't try to match it unless you know that you are doing) going at a price of $19-$35 each.

The Blockbuster Loop Hole and Your Restraint

By the time everything hits the Blockbuster system that 'John or Jane Doe' has movies or games that are late, their annoying automated system will keep calling the number in their system regardless if it's disconnected or not. If you have an annoying person that you work with why not give Blockbuster their number or maybe your boss' number... hmmm... haha...

Well, after a few calls a collections letter will go out to the bogus address that they have saved on file or within the system. After a few letters go out without any luck the system eventually drops it and writes the DVDs and Games off as a lost. No further investigation. Unless you get greedy and caught. Your face doesn't change so don't push your luck, remember #5? Practice it. I would say, with one account you should be able to clean up and make good within a two weeks and be able to repeat the process within a few more weeks. At most Blockbusters the employee turnaround rate is ridiculous.

In some towns there are over four Blockbusters within 5-10 minutes away from each other. Then you have the Blockbusters in the next towns over. A plan is not an option, it's a must... a monster corporation such as Blockbuster will press charges and get back what they are owed and then some.

Be smart... and stick to paying for everything it's hassle free and you don't have to worry about jail time... I think it's very interesting. Blockbuster continues to lose money even with online sales. How many of those DVDs or Games do you think don't make it back to their facilities?

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