So today i became the proud owner of my first Foof Floor pad courtesy of ( Some of you may remember that i mentioned them in a post before talking about the 'Sour Apple' buttons... Ok, well my cotton twill 36" Foof Floor Pad is pretty cool, my fiance loves the thing already so it's just a matter of time before it becomes hers and hers only.

Images: See Below

Poofbags Floor Pad Wrapped

Poofbags Floor Pad Unwrapped

Holding Upright
Poofbags Floor Pad (Holding)

Basically, like i said it's new... and so far it's da bomb! no doubt...

Well today i had this grand idea for a new category section, but of course I'm still recovering from the damn WP update and just in case you haven't noticed the issues that I am having, let me just tell you... it's pissing me off... so expect a template change and a few more modifications within the next few weeks.

So as mentioned before, our network has fully acquired a new site,, we will be making some changes to this site which should sky rocket the traffic and produce some profit for members... more on that later though... as of now we are offering free links so check the site and take advantage of the free linking opportunity.

On another note... I know that this blogs first intention was to talk about the beef jerky snack food and industry but i must admit, this site may have taken a turn down a different path, down a different road... Of course beef jerky will still be the idea but expect more from The Beef Jerky Blog...

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