Contest #2 — An Evil Blog Contest

LG 22″ Widescreen MonitorHere we are again with another 'evil blog contest' from the 'Mad Blogger' himself, John Chow who introduces the public, through his blog, to a wide variety of ways to make money online. Well, however, you crack it the contest seemed to launch another such related contest that i recently blogged about, Contest #1 hosted by BlueFur Web Hosting, hosting Canada one plan at a time.

Here is your chance to win a 24" wide screen LCD Monitor in case the 22" wide screen just isn't big enough for you.

What if I win?

Again, if i win the monitor I'm not so sure what i'd do with this one. I already have a 22" but a 24" widescreen LCD Monitor, hmmm... I'd have to really think about whether or not i want to give it up. I'll say this, if i win this monitor I'll host a 'special' contest (???)... the item is to later be described...

Monitor Information
Model: L245WP
Brand: LG

Wide screen LCD Features
Digital HDMI input
1920×1200 resolution
1000 to 1 contrast ratio
8ms response time

You have nothing to lose...

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