Create a Blog eBook (Blog Marketing Tip #4)

This is part of the ‘23 Blog Marketing Tips’ series.

The title really says it all. Although it is not 100% original and once your blog hits a certain age of maturity it's the most obvious thing to do to further exercise your authority within the niche of your blog site. So let's contemplate on what we can do differently from the other ebooks and make money at the same time.

The number one thing to do before you begin worrying about marketing and cover designs is to choose a niche and a topic to focus your ebook on. Obviously you would want to choose a niche and topic that you are very familiar with. So for the sake of the article, we'll go with your blog niche and the topics that it covers.

The easiest thing to do when creating an ebook is to start where you've already been. What does that mean? Start with what you already have. Go back through your archives and re-read every article that you've written in regards to the ebook topic and genre. This will you a great opportunity to go back and update any article that you've been meaning to but forgot or didn't want to put any time into. At least this way you can update your articles, and feel as though your time is not wasted.

Once you have updated your articles, start thinking about chapters and categorizing the articles in their appropriate spaces. Once you have completed this, you will have an idea on where you are with creating your ebook and layout. Now would be a great time to update your blog community on what you are working on without giving them too much information. Yes, and now would also be a great time to construct a few new, detailed anchor articles to offer your readers new and fresh material that they haven't already studied or glimpsed over while reading your blog.

You want to keep your readers (subscribers and new visitors) interested. So try to think like your readers and new visitors. What are they seeking? What are they interested in learning? What articles are the most popular? Obtaining answers to these questions could make a tremendous difference in regards to reaching your audience.

The ProcessÂ

The process of creating an ebook is very simple in today's times. In fact, all you need in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. If you already have word the take all of your articles and materials and save them in word format. Once this is complete and once you have had the opportunity to check for errors save the word document and convert the document into .PDF format.

The reason why i say .PDF is because this a well known format that mostly everyone is familiar with and it offers your ebook some security features that will protect your ebook from being edited by an outside source. I believe all of this can be done fore free which is even better, especially if you decide to attempt to make a profit.

The Competition Â

So now that your chapters are outlined, your layout is fine tuned, your articles are updated, edited (checked for grammatical and spelling errors), and in their appropriate places now you can study your competition.

Read the ebooks of those that you believe you will be competing against and offer to your readers what your competitors don't.

  • If they lack images, then add relevant images
  • If they lack detail, then make sure your articles are detailed
    • This is easily found in 'Making Money' ebooks and books. Most neglect to tell you with great detail how they did it exactly. Instead they just talk about how they did it and how you can too. 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad,' a great book that delivers a rich way to approach money management and a new way of thinking. But I will never read another book by Robert T. Kiyosaki because they all highlight the points already made in 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad.'
  • If they lack examples, then make sure you add more examples and that they are detailed
  • If they lack page numbers, then add page numbers

I believe you get my point.

Marketing Your ebook

Finally, the things you love to talk about. I'll keep this light. You don't really have to market your ebook if you have a big enough following. Let's say you don't... then you would want to utilize the tools that you are currently utilizing to market your blog, if you are not utilizing these then you need to:

  • Social Network sites
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Forums (only that are within your niche. Your wouldn't market a recipe book in a designer's forum)\
  • Blogger reviews (ReviewMe will cost you and PPP will cost you. Never hesitate to just ask bloggers to do a small review of your ebook.)
  • Create a new separate blog dedicated to your ebook (Look at Aaron's blog site for the SEO Book for a good example, or think about creating a squidoo lens)
  • AOL Instant Message, and other. Just plug the d/l link in your away message
  • P2P networks, or add a download link into the zipped folder of a file(s) you're planning on sharing with others
  • Offer advertising space throughout your ebook in exchange for promotion

Make Money With Your eBook

This is a pretty hard decision for some to make, but depending on what your goal is this can be a no brainer. Free ebooks seem to attract more attention than the ebooks with a price. I would say go the free route and seek other ways to make money from your ebook without charging your readers.

  • Sell it on ebay for .10-.25 (most people won't think twice about spending the change for something)
  • Sell another item on ebay and include your ebook
  • Sell it or give it away for free on Craigslist and other classified sites
  • Offer advertising space throughout your ebook
  • Include your affiliate links throughout your ebook (this is a no brainer, time is money)

Anyone ever think about turning their site into an ebook? How far are you? Any successes?

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