Day 4 – Gratitude

Today I'm grateful and thankful for The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love.

Two powerful books that have changed my life tremendously, and freed me from a lot of judgement and pain. Through the prayers themselves my life changed, and I felt more and more empowered to make the necessary changes to improve my way of life, to increase my love and silence judgement. Although the principles are hard to live, and I myself still struggle, but everything in life is a choice.

I have chosen to take on the hardships of unfulfilling relationships, the relationships that present chaos in my life, the people who no longer serve me in a positive light. It's all a choice, from the time that you decide to offer yourself physically to an individual or persons to the time that you decide it is right to detach yourself completely from the relationships that you have created through deception, fear, and judgement.

Living a life of pain is a choice. Freedom from the pain that others cause you, is an option, but through fear it seems harder to take the necessary steps in order to free yourself of people, things, and situations that no longer serve you in a positive way and live life freely than living with the chaos and challenges that others present within your life. Just as it is easier to lay down and die, than to decide to destroy your life (through change) and live in your entirety.

To live is a choice, just as to die is also a choice.

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