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DealDotCom launches and what's the deal? EasyMemberPro, membership site management PHP script that retails at $197 (1 license) and $300 (unlimited license). At DealDotCom EasyMemberPro is sold, out the door price at $148.50 USD with free shipping.

Is this a good deal?

Given the fact that DealDotCom is the internet marketers treasure chest of goods and products, I'm sure like most people anticipating the launch of DealDotCom I was expecting something with more BANG! like a new iPod Nano or digital camera, something that would have sold out within a few hours. Granted the products mentioned have little to do with internet marketing (depending on how you see it) but it would have done wonders for the site contributing to the hype that has been created during the prelaunch phase.

I'm sure that's the goal for DealDotCom while remaining true to it's sole purpose of delivering software at a bottom low price to the internet marketer, especially if they are attempting to be the 'Woot!' of internet marketing, they have their work cut out for them.

If i didn't know better I would say that this is a Woot! site or subsidiary, given the site design, similarities and concept. Regardless, this is a great site to help the internet marketer open their eyes to what's available even if it's a deal or no deal.

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** Update  ** DealDotCom has sold out on the EasyMemberPro Software. Looks like the beginning of something good.

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  1. Forest Parks 18 September 2007 at 6:04 pm Permalink

    I signed up to the hype and sent emails to many friends who mostly emailed me back with ‘What is this?’.

    The problem was I just didn’t know!

    Sadly it’s not what I expected but I’m sure it will be great for some people.

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