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Importance of Diversification in affiliate marketing

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When depending solely on your skills as an affiliate marketer to finance your lifestyle diversification is very important and i can't stress this fact enough. There are so many reasons why you would want to diversify your online income, every once and a while you will read about how a blogger or affiliate marketer's initial income was rubbed out by Google because of a PR sting, algorithm change, or because their site was linked to another site that was stamped 'questionable' by the 'Big Search Engine'. The reasons why i stress Google is mainly because when most people think about blog monetization or web site monetization they automatically think Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher but let's be realistic. I have a few sites that rack up to at least $5 daily and on a good day $10, and then i have a few that are guaranteed to produce between $1-2 daily. Compared to what some people online are making that is chump change, so i diversify.

Not that I am making so much money that i can write articles all day for people but lets face it, I write articles for people just about half of the day, and provide other services, run a few ecommerce stores, and do real estate appraisals, needless to say I am diversified. Are you a stranger to change? If you have made it through your high school years then you are a survivor of change and that prepares you for the multiple markets that often change leading to a decrease in online cash flow, consumerism, and so much more.

Companies fold, products become discontinued, affiliate programs become deactivated, TOS (Terms of Service) often change, all of which leave most of their affiliates staggering for extra or alternative routes to make ends meet. When eBay made the switch from Commission Junction to their own in-house operation, I was upset because my commission went from $2500/ monthly to $230/ monthly without a questionable doubt that eBay was to blame, not keeping in mind that the program probably changed (it did tremendously) and although i was prepared, that was still a huge chunk of dineros that was taken away from me. Even your hosting company can suddenly throw your site offline, a traffic surge that can take up your bandwidth, so change can come in many forms. These are just a few reasons to diversify.

Here are some ways to work with your cheese being moved:

Join several quality affiliate programs - there is often safety in numbers. If one affiliate goes bust you still have the others to fall back on.

Consider multiple niche markets - If one market gets cold or over saturated then you still have others. However, if you find yourself in the phase of developing a niche then take advantage of your position and dominate this niche in the best possible way.

Register multiple domain names, and either use two quality hosting companies, or consider a dedicated server or virtual dedicated server - We recommend DomainCub Dot Com a very reliable hosting company, however we also use HostGator and we are pretty satisfied, customer service for both companies are great and the down time... well, we haven't had any down times...

Diversify your marketing efforts - There are many marketing avenues to trek, both conventional and unconventional, white hat methods, black hat methods, grey hat methods, video marketing, social bookmarking, ect. Let's face it, marketing trends change and you need to be able to change with them.

There are a few ways to implement the above changes and develop a growing affiliate base when you diversify. Here are a few points:

Develop a content rich site around your niche - Content is king around these parts and he SERPs will say so themselves. For example, a Health and Wellness site (over saturated niche market). Join a few several affiliate programs and networks that cater to this market. This will allow you to diversify the programs you are in and the products you wish to offer.

Don't be afraid to dig deeper within a niche and attack little niches within a larger niche - Health and wellness niche will be your main niche category, but you are designing a few sites to cater to 'Breast Cancer' and 'Testicular Cancer.' This will allow you to penetrate numerous markets and bypass some overly saturated markets.

Having 2 hosting companies (recommendations above) will prevent site downtime.

Take advantage of the numerous ways to market your products, and services to the public. Think outside the box or PPC and Link exchanges

When you diversify you will not only expand your affiliate business but be able to stay afloat during bad down times and ahead of the competition ensuring a healthy and steady growth in income. Diversifying your affiliate efforts is just as important as creating multiple streams of income in your business when making money online.

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