Emotional Selling Power Words

There is a handy list of power words that will help you with creating some of the best ad copies around. Although it is not common knowledge that people will buy just about anything from a seller (you) based on how they are feeling, this is a great thing known as emotional selling.Certain words can and do make individual buyers act solely on the response of their emotions. Take these words and learn to create ad copies and then measure the results and adjust the wording as necessary.

It is nice to have alot of cool features, but buyers want to know exactly how your product will help them. Keep refining and restating and adjusting and measuring your ads until you come up with the right message. Expect it to take several tries to succeed. You have to promote the right message to get the right traffic.

In a simple business web model, you want to have a decent product, strong support, and a professional internet presence. This in itself will not persuade the visitor to purchase your product.

By using the correct words, you can help bridge the communication gap by convincing the buyer to consider your product first before your competitors. The whole idea in headline copywriting is to get the reader to act. Write the headline to generate interest and target traffic, not to sell.

Emotional Power Word List

free | sale | new | professional | guaranteed | special

tested | improved | immediately | limited | simplistic

powerful | popular | exclusive | valuable | endorsed

unlimited | discount | under priced | launching

skill | reduced | better | enormous | useful

survival | largest | colossal | now | unlock

fortune | authentic | announcing | gift

introducing | practical | wanted | absolutely

lowest | interesting | challenge | lifetime

highest | expert | advice | compare | affordable

ultimate | attractive | easily | approved | competitive

innovative | just arrived | sure fire | promising

astonishing | imagination | latest | important

urgent | amazing | exciting | revealing | sensational

excellent | remarkable | obsession | surging | unique

bargain | destiny | genuine | informative

mainstream | complete | last chance | exploit

quality | gigantic | love | lavishly | reliable

terrific | breakthrough | profitable | sampler

luxury | security | refundable | quickly

revolutionary | personalized | miracle | magic

proven | reward | delighted | confidential | secrets

scarce | alert | famous | strong | unusual | outstanding

energy | rare | edge | superior | tremendous | special offer

wealth | successful | opportunities | monumental | quick

last minute | easy | direct | simple | value | insider | download

Turn Words into Traffic

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