Everything Must Go!!!

So lately i've been ghost... well let me catch you up with what's going on in my life... I'm a very private person so excuse me for leaving some things out... Well, i got married and of course with marriage comes consolidation, and you guessed it... My stuff is just about on it's way out. The typical stereotype of when a bachelor gives up his single card and opens his home to his new half. Besides getting married, I'm also liquidating some sites of mine that i just don't have time for, so if you are looking to buy some sites that are generating a few bucks and cents a day (.16-2$) you may want to check these out and make an offer:

Sites for sale:
1. QuickMyspaceLayouts.com - Updates and V.2.0 comes with purchase
2. 1MillionAffiliates.com - Terms: All links must remain on the site
3. VideoBreaker.com - Comes with video software
* all sites come with valid licenses

So in the light of selling things, I have sold just about a ton of items that i had sitting around and just no room for:

1. My beloved cat
2. Jeep Tail lights (Altezza Black Casing) - Still one more available $40 takes it
3. Dell Computer
4. HP Printer
5. Random Books (some went to good will)
6. 20" Computer Monitor
7. American Eagle apparel, a ton of clothes went out the door..
8. A few dishes and glasses... well, some went to target practice up north
9. My futon
10. My Poofbags Fuf chair & foof floor pad... still a bit pissed about it... but i'm getting a new one after i get my catalog

Well, that just about it so far... see what happens when you give up your bachelor card...

well this is just a brief intro to let you know that i'm back... full guns a blazing, once i sell these sites i'll be able to manage my time better... bare with me...

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