For the Hunter, Fisher, Camper in You

Jerky: The Perfect Camping, Fishing and Hunting Food

Many people have confidently proclaimed that jerky is the ideal food for outdoor enthusiasts and with good reason. As a tasty, natural snack with the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat, beef jerky, along with other air dried foods, has become a staple for anyone and everyone who seeks solace in nature.

This phenomenon is certainly nothing new. Long before it served as the camping food of choice for people in the 21st century, various forms of jerky were eaten by explorers, pioneers, Native Americans, cowboys and prospectors. The same qualities that made jerky popular among these adventurers great taste, easy transportability and remarkable longevity have kept the delicious hunting and camping snack a favorite to this day.

Beef Jerky and the Hunter, Camper and Fisherman

Hunting can be a physically demanding pastime. When out in the wilderness, hunters desire food that is delicious, lightweight and fulfilling. Very few foods can meet all of those requirements simultaneously. Fortunately, jerky is one of those foods! It's easy to see why jerky is one of the most common hunting food recipes.

For most people, camping means leaving behind the hustle and confinement of city life. It also means leaving behind the comforts of city life, such as easy access to tasty food. Jerky is the ideal solution. The practicality that has made it a favorite Boy Scout food, along with the durability that has made it the backpacking food of choice, can make your decision an easy one when you are trying to determine what food to take camping. When you're looking for recipes for food to take camping, look no further than the timeless jerky!

Fishing leads to good food at least that's what you hope happens! But what about the food you eat while catching dinner? Jerky is the perfect snack when out on the water because it is easy to transport and packs a great punch when it comes to nutrition and taste. It's the perfect food for boaters, whether you're casting a line or just enjoying the rolling waves.

Source: Gary Rangland

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3 Responses to “For the Hunter, Fisher, Camper in You”

  1. Mary I. Moyer 14 March 2007 at 2:56 pm Permalink

    I need to know specifically the shelf life for beef jerky. I manufacture beef jerky for both retail, and wholesale. Also, is the shelf life longer if the jerky is sealed in plastic bags verses paperbag?

    • Salvador Sanlley 26 December 2008 at 11:02 pm Permalink

      If the jerky is sealed in flexible packaging structure (not simple poly bag) and in VACUUM …then it can last way longer. A professional lab has to make aging tests to find out how long will it last without significant decay. One could be COVANCE LABS in Illinois. As far as packaging get a 2 to 4 layer structure for longer life.
      If need more information pls contact me.

  2. Kenny 16 June 2008 at 10:24 am Permalink

    This was a good article, I love jerky. Me and my dad take some kind of beef jerky with us on every fishing trip we take. Those are some great memories.

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