Give Your Blog A Facelift (Blog Marketing Tip #19)

It's interesting to see the kind of influence that such 'power bloggers' have within the blog community. Bloggers such as Darren Rowse of Problogger redesigned his site and shortly following you have a 'Kansas City Shuffle' in which other influential bloggers redesigned their sites while mentioning the 'new' Problogger design giving respect where due by linking to problogger while others didn't.

Shortly following this trend other bloggers caught on to the 'redesign hype' and redesigned their blog sites (some even attempted to imitate other blog designs) while linking back to the influential blogger's site. The Kansas City Shuffle happens takes place...

What is the Kansas City Shuffle?

The first appearance of the term is in the 1926 song "Kansas City Shuffle" by jazz pianist Bennie Moten. It was recorded in Chicago, Illinois and released on the Victor record label.

The song refers to an advanced form of confidence game employing misdirection, subterfuge, and playing on the "mark(s)" arrogance and/or self-loathing. The relevance to a direction stated at the beginning of the con has no bearing to the shuffle. [source]

Ok, so maybe not a 'Kansas City Shuffle,' but the idea is pretty interesting...

Now to the Point

The redesign of the above sites generated some good buzz that trickled from one blog site to another. I swear instead of a '6 degrees of Kevin Bacon' we can do a six degrees of Problogger and John Chow and see an interesting trend take place.

The buzz that a new site design can generate can be big news, especially if it's a great design.

Do you know someone who has design skills? Do you have design skills? Then redesign your blog site and make it good enough so others would want a piece of the pie. Start your own shuffle and generate some buzz. The one blogger/ designer that i keep hearing and reading about is the man himself, Mr. Nate Whitehill, the man with the company behind the new John Chow, Shoemoney, blog designs as well as a few others.

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