Google Page Rank Jump Start

With all the link love still floating around, Enkay of Enkay's blog added another link list to help boost your Google Page Rank. Now what more can you ask for? Granted, I have no clue when the actual page rank will be taking place but it never hurts to be prepared, remember that guaranteeing your site's Google Page Rank is a process and can either be very hard or very simple. We're trying to help you keep it simple.

** Start Copy Here **

We all know how important getting link backs is and with this chain, you can get the ball rolling! You don’t have to be an established blogger to take part in this chain.Here are the rules:
1. Copy this post from the point where it says “Start Copy Here” to the point where it says “End Copy Here”
2. Add yourself and 5 of your favorite bloggers to the end of the list.
3. Post this on your blog

Enkay Blog | Ms. Danielle | Cash For Comments | BetShopBoy | JohnCow | Mr. Gary Lee | Jon Lee | Dosh Dosh | Some Make Money | The King Kong Blog | RomanDock | Michael Kwan | Ed Lau | Jane May | Sam Breadstone | Windows Tips, Tricks and Hacks | ProBlogger | The Beef Jerky Blog | The Prize Blog | Online Coupon Codes | Jamaipanese | Rugjeff | ShadowScope | The News Press Net | JohnWaraas | Life Is Colorful | A Touch of Sweetness | That Says It All | Bama 365 | Bohemian Bloggers | The Sassy Southerner | Protocol In Practice | TJ’s Anti Contrarian | Londoner Life Dot Com | That Bitchy Chick | Theres A Blog In My Soup | Daily Webbers | Clear 2 U Marketing | Drunken Housewife | Vic2x Programming | Riches of Destiny | BISEAN | Agloco Hours | Net Business Journal | Milton Ramirez | Adsense Tracker | Mischief | Gaje Master Blogging |The Life of Socrates | Rowan Forest Homeschool | Blog Duck | Cash Rich Tools | Entrepreneur Millions | Your Name Here

**End Copy Here**

Now, take this list and add your sites or site and some faves of yours and spread the love. Don't be selfish, most blogger's hurt themselves that way.

2 Responses to “Google Page Rank Jump Start”

  1. Mike 3 August 2007 at 1:02 pm Permalink

    I’ve used these kind of services before and i never really got anything from them. Just a couple of links, like 3 or 4, and none of them was a quality link. The people starting these kind of things might get some link juice, but the others.. i frankly doubt it.

    What’s you experience with these kind of link games?

    • Blog Money 3 August 2007 at 4:23 pm Permalink

      I’ve gotten some quality link backs… Like you said, i agree that the person who starts these trains and there friends (the people they add from the jump) get the most out of it.

      Regardless, it gives your site some recognition from other bloggers that may pave the way for you to communicate with.

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