Great Hump Day Laughs

It's hump day again... I've officially been playing with the idea of buying the '4-hour work week,' and amazon won't ship it fast enough and it costs too much at the commercial book stores and my favorite mom and pop 'bargain' book store is currently closed because they're moving next to 'Panera.' wth? Can a mom and pop shop afford to move locations within the same plaza in times like these? Maybe unless the plaza owner worked a deal because some powerhouse muscle corp wanted their space.

Man they got pushed to the sideline like a middle child. So what... I may appear to be a cheapskate but we have a house and commercial property to buy and i believe in living frugally not above my means. Call me modest like that...

Budlight Commercial

Ameriquest Mortgage - Who said mortgage brokers don't have a sense of humor?

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