Happy 4th of July

Here are some good and interesting reads for all of you, I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and don’t forget to get involved in our traffic and money making experiments.


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World Wide Wi-Max
Wireless Internet service works great - so long as you're in a Wi-Fi hotspot. But what if you could have wireless Internet everywhere you go, available on your laptop and cell phone, at speeds that can leave both DSL and 3G data networks in the dust?

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Dialing into your Cell Phone with Ads
Soon, ads on your mobile phone will be as commonplace as Web pop-up ads were in their heyday. Your cell phone's three-inch screen has been hyped as the billboard of the future since the late '90s. What's changed is that it's no longer just startups trying to push the market forward.

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Live Rich, Retire Richer
Like locking up rights to wind-farm and solar-power sites and then leasing them back to renewable-energy companies. Or snapping up a sampling of the works of today's underground artists for a surprisingly quick and profitable payoff. Or investing in real estate in places where supermodels lounge on the sand and beach houses can still be had for six figures or less. Want a preview?

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