How To Blog Unique (Blog Marketing Tip #23)

Blogging is an interesting thing, if you really think about. One of the platforms that allows anyone to have a voice and be heard (outside of YouTube) from those that are taking the time to listen. So why is it hard for people to be unique?

In a post (Making Online Hype), I touched upon the interesting fact that most blogs that promise to help you make money online are all wrong or just carbon copies of the early settlers that have already capitalized on the topic (and continue to make even more money than the followers) and managed to take it to new heights, where do these new 'make money online' blogs fit?

Let's look at the facts... The blogs that are getting paid or making real money online are all unique (Overheard in New York, and others) or at some point in time were once considered to be unique. What does this have to do with blog marketing?

A ton... maybe you weren't paying attention... Being unique not only builds your readership but racks in the bucks, who else do you know of that is making $67k from cat pics (ICanHasCheezBurger) that readers submit themselves (talk about no effort)? My point made and taken (I hope...).

The Blog Marketing Tip

Be Unique with your blog subject matter and titles. This drives readers which in return drives ad sales which in return brings cash flow and hopefully riches for you.

I don't blog to make money, I blog because it gives me some form of release in the AM or PM depending on the day. The minute i can resume my blogging from the Florida Keys, Hawaii, or from some remote location where the sun is shining and the drinks are forever flowing, I will be a much happier blogger... but hey what's stopping me?

Better yet, what's stopping you from being unique? What is a market that has yet to be used or become overly saturated by the masses?

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  1. Kenny 17 June 2008 at 1:08 pm Permalink

    This is an interesting piece.

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