How to Capitalize on your Blog Traffic During Blog Errors and Crisis (Blog Marketing Tip #18)

wordpress blog errors

This series is sort of never ending i tell you, i know that you're probably wondering how long can it take to dish out 23 Blog Marketing Tips? Well, read my personal updates and ramblings then you would understand.

Todays tip is sort of a no brainer for most bloggers and site owners that are, in a sense, obsessed with optimizing their sites traffic and receiving the most out of a 'broken' situation.

I came across one of my frequent readers blog site earlier today only to find a 'BROKEN' WordPress page stating:

Error establishing a database connection...

To me this was kind of surprising, one the blog is pretty popular and two the blogger is not currently utilizing their daily traffic of new readers. Not saying i'm some kind of marketing genius or a problogger but I like to think I know a little something that prove to be helpful to most bloggers.

As The Title Says...

There are a few things that you can do as a site owner to capitalize on your traffic when you blog site is going through a crisis, ah... or more like a WordPress update...

Method #1 - Use a 301/ 302 Redirect to another site or non-blog page (service.html or quickfix.php, ect.) either explaining what's going on with a link for readers to subscribe to your feed or a page with your guaranteed money makers (affiliate links) on it with explanations and financial reports.

Of course using such a method comes with consequences such as hijacking and other problems.

Method #2 - Put your error pages (404, ect.) to work by adding links to your other sites, affiliates, and your most popular and unpopular posts.

If working with WP you can do this by signing in to your admin section and going to 'Presentation > Theme Editor' and editing your '404 Template' accordingly to suit your needs.

Method #3 - Back up your WP database and articles by adding a simple copy of your blog to your server to use in case of emergencies such as a WP update issue. This gives you the chance to keep your readers, update your posts while your main blog site is under construction, and attract new readers and subscriptions. Your site will never actually go offline.


Your Main site:

Your Copy site:

I think you get the picture...

I'm sure there are other methods that you can use to capitalize on your blog errors. Link bait, using one of these methods would a be great idea for marketing your blog site. Imagine the buzz that you will receive if it were believed that your site was taken offline or sold to 'Wal-Mart' so when people visit your site they are redirected to a gag-page explaining the joke and yet asking them to subscribe to your feed for great marketing tips and tricks.

Something to think about...

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