How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 2018

UPDATE: Bitconnect has closed it doors and with it... has taken the money earned by it's affiliates and promoters. The Crypto community has been stating it for months, 'Bitconnect is a scam,' and well... the jig is up. Bitconnect has officially closed it doors, and shut down all of it's platforms (read more here Bitconnect is Closed). Youtube has become the platform for many of the Bitconnect promoters, and although, I find it hard to believe that these guys are scammers I will say that the actions they have taken these last few days has been pretty interesting. Many of them pulling ALL of their BitConnect content off of Youtube (hence the videos below), and many of them shutting off their comments. Here is the interesting part... Many MANY of them are now shilling ICOs. DO NOT TAKE THEIR ADVICE!!!

Do your own research and heed the advice of actual leaders in the community with proven track records of successful investing. DO NOT JUDGE THESE PEOPLE BY THE NUMBER OF BITCOIN THEY HAVE IN THEIR WALLETS! I fell for the hype, but was fortunate enough to get my money out at a decent value. 

4 Simple Steps to Get Started.

  1. You need to get some bitcoin, the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin ($BTC) is through Coinbase - use this link and get $10 worth of free Bitcoin
    (Now is definitely the time to take advantage of this offer with Bitcoin taking a dip)
  2. Signup for Bitconnect (BITCONNECT IS CLOSED) - use this link and get 5% back of your investment amount.
  3.  Make sure that LexNickels if your Bitconnect sponsor in order to get 5% back.
  4. Exchange your Bitcoin for Bitconnect Coins and perform your first investment. (You can follow this video below AFTER YOU HAVE signed up for your Coinbase and Bitconnect accounts - To ensure that you receive your bonuses)


We recommend the following way to officially get involved into cryptocurrency investing:

You get $10 FREE in BITCOINS to help build your portfolio using this link - Free Bitcoin

FREE $10 in Bitcoin - Coinbase


We recommend the following exchanges:

For a simple investing plan, what I have used that worked for me when I was getting started click here: Beginner Crypto Strategy & Tips

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