How To Turn Your Answering Machine into A Marketing Machine (Blog Marketing Tip #21)


Some of you are probably reading this title and thinking to yourselves, wth? Well, the title is pretty clear cut, it's how you go about doing this that makes the difference.

I tried this for a week in order to battle the obscene number of telemarketers that call my wife and I (especially around dinner time, i hate this) all the time without remorse. So the thought hit me when I was on the phone with a telemarketer attempting to be nice because this woman clearly was new at it and sounded as if she had a bad day (Idea, if you are a telemarketer use the sympathy card on some of your calls, people are very sympathetic and tend to want to help) so i figured I'll let her get it out and then just hang up.

My Experiment

I used one of our online shops as the advertisement and received a decent response. In fact, sales for that week increased by 20% on the fly. What product you ask? Shame on you we all have to have or secrets. I figured most telemarketers are probably calling from the comfort of their home with a computer right in front of them or are possibly calling from their uncomfortable cubicle thinking about going to their comfortable home with a computer in front of them.

Are you getting where i'm going with this?


If you are getting calls from the 'Fraternal Order of Police' everyday non-stop, then your advertising message needs to be geared towards law enforcers, products that are of use to an officer or donuts (it's all in fun here, no hurt feelings I have family in the CIA and FBI). Not all officers are made the same so think about it and get creative.

Maybe quiz the officers that call your home before implementing the 'advertising message.'

The Set Up

1. Take your current answering machine message or tape and either replace it with a new tape or new message (if your phone allows you to save multiple messages then save the original) while keeping the original on hand for convenience.

2. Record your marketing message (this is the killer part... haha...)

* Record your marketing message intro: 'This is a paid advertisement'

* Record your marketing message: 'Don't forget go enter the free Foof Chair giveaway at'

* Very short, simple and easy to understand

* Repeat the domain name twice or three times (this helps with memorizing things) if repeated more than once then the chance of your 'victim' memorizing the domain and message are pretty high.

3. Next go into your regular home message: 'Hello you have reached the Baker's Dozen, please leave a message after the beep'

Telemarketers will probably never leave a message, so you should be ok there.

Now let's say you really want to play with the telemarketers:

1. Answer the phone

2. Just as they begin to speak, play your advertisement message over the phone until they hangup.

and there you go... You have just killed two birds with one stone.

Marketing Much?

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  1. Forest Parks 12 October 2007 at 11:06 pm Permalink


    Now all I need is a home telephone with an answer machine and a website that sells something 🙂

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