How to Use Emotional Selling Power Words to Market your Blog (Blog Marketing Tips #16)

In case you have yet to discover the power of emotional selling i suggest you get on board and start reading up on how to incorporate such tactics into your daily blog sites and then some. In fact, when you come across this post you may have yet to indulge yourself in the 'Emotional Selling Power Words.' This list will make the process easy for all bloggers.

Remember the post How to Turn Your Blog into an Infomercial, this blog marketing tip will elevate your blog site into further heights.

The use of power words in your blog posts and throughout your blog site will utilize the power of suggestion to get  your viewers coming back and buying into to programs and advertisers that you decide to sponsor and support.

Think about the people that search the internet with online opportunities, or work from home get rich quick schemes. Now imagine they come across your site offering to give them the age old solution and at a limited time only they can save an attractive amount of money with so-called bonus offers. How is to say that the product is questionable or not that is for the blogger to deal with.

For a list of suggestive emotional selling power words check this post out, emotional selling

The Steps

1. Grab a list of 'Emotional Selling Power Words,' keep it handy

2. Begin with the end in mind and start altering a few of your most popular post and most of your less popular posts by adding a few of the power words  into your posts where appropriate

3. Test and track your successes, by creating a list using the posts that you have altered and placing it on your blog site's front page or making it a static page

Test the popularity of these posts and if you are attempting to sell a product then track your sales/ clicks.

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