How to Use YouTube and Others For Marketing Your Blog (Blog Marketing Tip #22)

With the closing of the 'Comfort Contest' creeping up on all of us so is this blog marketing tip series (I know, it's been a while and should have probably ended a while ago) I figured i would attempt to save the best ideas for last. This one is short and simple but not sweet.

So going back to the title because that is why you are here reading this post, how can we get our blog site addy to creep across the eyes of thousands and possibly millions? Simple in theory...

Follow the system and see what and who are the 'viral makers' and or the creators of the short movies, clips or music videos that tend to go viral? Who are the early birds? Once you figure this out then it's time for the initial attack, or plan of action.

Contact these people and see what it will take to sponsor their next video and or just appear before or after their short clip. I have a brother-in-law that makes movies that have been nominated for a few film festivals but I don't have the heart to ask for a plug, why? Not too sure, maybe it's because of the whole doing business with family thing, don't know.

However, you are not me and these people are not your families.

On another note if you are shy and too timid to contact these people then create your own viral campaign. Catch the latest clip of 'Family Guy' and post it or the latest 'Bookdocks' episode (not too sure you can do that, copyright issues) shows that are already popular. I came across a 'Family Guy' clip the other day (killing time) to see that over 100k people viewed the clip within a few weeks (that's just sick) and this person didn't add a plugin for a site or anything they left the clip bare and free.

Now imagine if that was your site glossing over the eyes of 100k viewers, how many do you believe would have thought to visit
your site? How many of them do you believe would have become readers and or advertisers?

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