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How to Enter the Exodus Trilogy Omnibus Edition Kindle eBook

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This is the complete omnibus edition of the Exodus Trilogy, which has captivated readers all over the world.

When an object threaten human civilization it becomes clear that we need to venture to the stars. With just a few years warning, this will be a race against time, and only a small number of colonists can be saved.

In an America turned authoritarian, a small group of people draws up their plans to change not this world, but the next. The confrontation seem inevitable, but who will prevail, and at what cost?

A world divided makes their separate plans. Some will fail, some will prevail, and some will stay hidden until the time comes to unveil their plans and schemes. In desperate times, humanity will show it's darker side, and even the best of intentions can result in the worst of outcomes. Will human ability for compassion and unity rise up, or succumb to fear and ruthlessness under pressure?

And when the starship Exodus leaves for distant Aurora, more than 40 light years away, nobody knows that this journey will end up answering some of humanity's greatest and oldest questions:
Who are we? Are we alone? Where do we come from?

This box set contains the complete Exodus Trilogy.
1. Exodus
2. Aurora
3. Genesis


Andreas Christensen is a Norwegian science fiction and fantasy writer. His most recent work is RIFT, published in 2014. This is the first installment in a new series, and the second installment is planned for 2015.

His popular series the Exodus Trilogy, a space opera of hope in the face of the greatest disaster in history, have received rave reviews in both the U.S. and the U.K. and have been described as "a different type of sci-fi that I found to be well written and well thought out". The trilogy consists of Exodus (part 1), Aurora (part 2), and Genesis (part 3). For those who loved Exodus, the companion novella Alive reveals a little bit of what happens to those left behind...

He is currently working on RIFT II (working title), as well as IMPACT, an apocalyptic novel related to events in Exodus, and several other projects yet to be released. You can find more on his current activities on

Andreas Christensen has a degree in Psychology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and his professional background is mainly from public service. He has a weakness for cats, coffee and up until recently, books so heavy he'd need a separate suitcase in order to carry them every time he traveled. Luckily, the world has changed, and the suitcase has now been replaced by the Kindle.

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