Is Your Blog an Authority Blog (Blog Marketing Tip #5)

This is part of the ‘23 Blog Marketing Tips’ series.

I think one of the hardest things to do online as a blogger is to establish your blog as an authority site within your niche. Just like trying to figure out a way to develop a large reader base and to get a steady flow of quality traffic to your site this ranks as number three on my list of the most daunting tasks to perform as a blogger.

After some time reading and working my way through so-called authority blogs I have come to the understanding that they all seem to share a few qualities:

1. Great Content that usually offers advice, helps readers to improve a skill, or offers information on that particular niche

2. Offers a fun experience within their respected niche (pointless humor blogs and celebrity blogs are good examples)

3. Loyal readers and followers that stick around and are contribute to the community.

Take these observations and use them to build your site up as an authority site.

How can you improve your blog to meet these qualities?

Do you consider your blog to be an authority blog within your niche?

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One Response to “Is Your Blog an Authority Blog (Blog Marketing Tip #5)”

  1. wilson 17 August 2007 at 12:05 pm Permalink

    thank you a lot for your tips. This will sure make my blog much better.

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