Jerky for the Vegetarian

Healthy Jerky and the Vegetarian Diet

When most people hear the word jerky, the words that immediately come to mind are beef or meat. But the world of jerky is not an exclusionary one. Those who enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle are afforded a wide variety of choices with all of the same great taste, texture and chewy goodness that can be found in traditional jerky made from a variety of different meats. These types of vegetarian and vegan jerky allow everyone to indulge in the delicacy that is jerky.

Vegetarian jerky is most often made from tofu and other related products, hence the alternate name tofu jerky. This type of jerky comes in a wide variety of flavors similar to those found in traditional beef jerky recipes, ranging from mild and medium to hot and spicy. Regardless of one's dietary inclinations, vegetarian jerky is as delicious and versatile as its beef counterpart. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike are fans of tofu jerky.

Like all jerky, the type designed with the vegetarian diet in mind is ideal as a low calorie snack that is low in fat and high in protein. Because it is derived from non-meat sources, vegan jerky is completely cholesterol free. It also contains no nitrates and is a wonderful alternative for those who pursue the meat-free way of life. But one need not be a vegetarian to enjoy vegetarian jerky it is a tasty and healthy snack regardless of diet and lifestyle.

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-- G. Ragland

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