Contest #7 – John Cow Gives Away Green Pastures

Green pastures
image courteous of Mac Games and More

By now I'm sure you have heard of the cow that rocked the bells, well maybe not the bells but this cow's green acres get plenty of tourists praising the liquid gold this mad cow produces. The spoof blog, has been gaining a ridiculous amount of milky traffic sense the day the site launched.

With the amount of traffic this pastures receiving, in regards to a previous post (How to Crash Your Server in 24hrs) their web hosting provider must be well on their toes and fully equipped to fight off those seeking the cow's dairy products. In fact, they are hosting a cowpetition for anything your heart desires within the range of $500.

Want that Apple iPhone? How about the 60GB iPod that you have always wanted? Maybe you would like to win a Playstation3, or Microsoft XBox360, or... even the popular Nintendo Wii. As stated, anything within the range of $500 (to the penny) that your heart desires. Well, within reason... If you opt for an iPod, how about a nice cow casing to remind you that the JohnCow was here 07/18/2007...

If I win, all i can say is that i will spend it wisely and definitely give back to The Beef Jerky Blog community, so expect a contest.

What if you win? What will you spend your $500 on? What does your heart desire?

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