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Well, just like the title... a quick update... The two sites that i was set-up to buy fell threw... what a shame, they were cool. However, I just came across another seller with a very interesting site. Of course due dilligence is needed to make sure everything is legit and that all components are working properly and so on ... Once this happens I'll post the link to the site everyone can check it out... I am in the process of adding another site to my list of sites, but this brings me to my next topic...


Ok the title says it all I need a designer, a good designer... Any ideas? Drop me an email at jerkybeef [@] thebeefjerkyblog.com, Include some samples of designs and active sites...

Domains 4 Sale

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* VolumePillz.com - PR2
* PenileXtenders.com - Sale Pending...
* Lifenhancers.com - SOLD!
Penis-Pillz.com - SOLD!

** KreativeKidsOnline.com - PR1 (Will provide a list of quality kids furniture manufacturers, that i personally worked with... Made a good profit but it's time for change and other life projects)
*** MyspaceOutfitter.com
*** iPhonUniversity.com
*** iPhoneHackz.com
*** iPhoneSettings.com

* GameShoot.net - SOLD!

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If you are interested shoot me a message... All are producing traffic and generating a couple cents, parked @ Sedo, Green Leaf Hosting & DomainName.

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