Make Money Online Tip #2

A new series, I guess we'll kick off here... 5 tips on how to make money online... We'll kick it off here with #1... Some of you may have already tried these but i'm sure there are readers that have not.

1. Blog Money - Make Money Online Tip 1

2. Read A Book in your niche - Yes, i said it and i mean it... Dedicating yourself to life long personal development. Reading a book for at least an hour a day can increase your online and offline income significantly. I believe it was Stephen R. Covey who said that your current knowledge base has a half life of 2 years, this means that half of everything you know today will be irrelevant within 2-years.

Think about it, how many of you remember the algebra formulas you learned in grade school? Look how rapidly technology is advancing. I read something the other day about Web 3.0 and to be honest, i could have cared less about web 2.0, but now here comes web 3.0. So how can you keep up with the times:

1. Read in your niche an hour a day minus distractions (TV, Noise, the girlfriend, the boyfriend, ect.)

2. Try listening to learning material (Audio Books, Seminars, ect.)

3. Develop a mentality of working hard and smart

How is this relevant? Well, everyone wants to make money, some of you want to make it online (hell, you save money on gas) and some of you just want to make money. Well, self-development can take you where you want to and beyond. Why not invest a little time in developing yourself?

3. - Coming Soon

4. - Coming Soon

5. - Coming Soon

Blogging Income?

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